Pisces & the Virgo Full Moon – Feb 18/19

At 6:04pm (EST) on Monday the Sun Ingresses Pisces.

Now the Sun will join Mercury and Neptune in the Sign. Chiron left there early this morning and won’t return for another 42+ years. You may have felt that shift. Now the Sun moves in to the depths of Pisces and begins to illuminate some of what has been hidden and dissolving in this area of your life. The Sun in Pisces shows us our fears so we can overcome them as we move through the shadows. From now until Thursday the Sun will begin a rolling Finger of Merlin as the Sun Biquintiles the North Node and Quintiles Jupiter (still in a Biquintile to the North Node). This will be a very fortunate aspect highlighting spiritual perspectives around family matters.

At 6:50pm the Sun at 0:02 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 0:02 Aries.

There is some clarity around Chiron’s first dive into Piscean waters that occurred in 2010. But it is also our chance to show gratitude for the new shared wounding we will begin to experience. Chiron in Aries is superficiality which is so different from Chiron in Pisces. The Sun will show us a glimpse of what this shift means.

At 1:37am on Tuesday Mercury at 15:34 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 15:34 Pisces.

Words today will have depth that is out of the norm for Mercury. He is not is his Shadow, Phase 1 yet, but will be once he reaches 16:06 Pisces. But what gets said for the next few hours will not be revised and will show us what Neptune’s plans are for dissolving structures in our lives. We can speak about the hidden things that we often ignore because they are not in our physical purview. Today you can express the faith and knowing you need to have in order to keep your subconscious from upsetting your world. KNOW that things will be okay. Express your highest good.

At 8:24am Venus at 18:04 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 0:04 Aries.

This is a nice healing aspect that allows you to reach out and touch others in a Healing way. This aspect can ease insecurity around beauty, women and the way we assert ourselves. Do reach out and touch those in authority as you will be able to heal some of their angst around being worthy of their position.

At 9:20am Mercury enters his Shadow, Phase 1 of his upcoming Retrograde cycle as he crosses over 16:06 Pisces.

Mercury will Retrograde on Mar 5 at 29:39 Pisces and return to 16:06 Pisces on Mar 28 as he Stations Direct. We are reviewing our subconscious thoughts and ideas during this Retrograde cycle. What is our new blueprint for the next year ahead? Will we manifest our fears? Or will be find the faith to overcome them?

At 9:47am the Moon Ingresses Virgo.

This isn’t much time before the Moon exacts to his Opposition with the Sun. But for the next 30 minutes we will be really intuiting our feelings about work, health.

At 10:53am the Moon at 0:42 Virgo Opposes the Sun at 0:42 Pisces creating the Full Moon in Virgo.

Full Moon in Virgo Feb 19, 10:43am EST, Cheboygan, MI

As the Moon exacts his Opposition to the Sun we will SEE how we FEEL about something going on in our work, health, service, duty, volunteering, etc. With the Full Moon occurring ahead of the New Moon in a Sign, we get some ‘closure’ before the ‘fresh start’ in that area of our lives. As they both may straddle different Houses and Axis (0:42 and 15:47 Pisces the degree of the New Moon on Mar 6) the players may change as well.

Virgo externalizes Pisces so our subconscious plays a role in all that we see today and the Sun is showing us what is going on in our subconscious mind by the feelings we have about what is going on in our physical world.

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