8 Soulful & Higher-Minded Hours – Feb 18

Starting just after midnight, we will move through 8 hours of 5 helpful aspects. It could prove sleepless or you may have some vivid dreams.

At 12:32am (EST) on Monday Jupiter at 20:29 Sagittarius Biquintiles the North Node at 26:29 Cancer.

This may be hard to feel the extent of it acutely, but it has been helping our sense of direction over the last several weeks. A spiritual perspective of family matters. A Soulful family connection long distance. Effortless optimism around legal or family matters. Look to the Houses where Jupiter and the North Node are Transiting in your Natal Chart to see which Interpersonal characters are involved.

At 2:55am the Sun at 29:22 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus at 29:22 Aries.

Ruled by Uranus the Sun is providing us with clarifying revelations to help us see our personal path to freedom as Uranus wraps up his Transit through Aries. How have you changed the way you present yourself? Especially to groups of people. Have you found greater personal freedom over the last 7 years? How has your sense of freedom become a universal value to you?

At 4:09am Chiron Ingresses Aries.

We are now done with the Soulful wounding around our collective unconscious. What we now will see is how this wounding will be expressing itself at the very first degree of all things physical. If you find your motivation lacking, or your first impression just ‘off’ this will now be something we will be experiencing for the next several years.

At 5:52am Venus at 16:46 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 16:46 Capricorn.

It can certainly feel like our desires are restricted or we have a lack of resources to pursue some career objectives, but if we really focus our attention, we will find that this ‘limitation’ is bringing into focus a new foundation. Authorities could be more approachable so use that to your advantage. Don’t commit too much of your own resources as just being response-able to the options will be sufficient to meet your needs.

At 8:21am Mercury a 14:22 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 29:22 Aries.

Perhaps some irritating words that sound profound and unexpected. Mercury will be expressing some of the Semi-Square that Uranus and Neptune have been in for the last year. Pay attention as it could explain things that weren’t obvious to you until now.

By Monday night we will continue the aspects and shifts in energy as we prepare for the Full Moon at 0:42 Virgo at 10:53am on Tuesday morning.

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