Feeling the Timing of Things – Feb 15-17

Looking at the big picture of things right now, we have all Planets Direct, still, but several are now in their Shadow, Phase 1 of their upcoming Retrograde cycles: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

You may be feeling some of the strange energy of both Uranus and Chiron at the Anaretic degree (29+) of the Signs they are Transiting: Aries and Pisces respectively. Over the last few days I have asked myself if I have a headache. I never really get one, but there has been some strange feelings there as Uranus wraps up his revelations pouring into our Crown Chakra. Just slow down and sit in the awareness.

Chiron is going to Ingress Aries to stay on Monday and that shift goes from a wounding around trust in the Universe and connectedness to our bodies and ourselves. From a Higher Mind energy (Pisces/Neptune) to a Personal Planetary energy (Aries/Mars). One Sign rules what is hidden, Pisces, and Aries rules all that can be seen on a first impression. Laying your Avatar bare to the world;)

Feel the shifts and move with them. It is all a holographic experience;)

At 5:51am (EST) on Friday the Sun at 26:26 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 26:28 Cancer.

This aspect has already occurred but the clarity may be expressed later on Friday. Here we needed to make an adjustment to our goals to socialize and realize our own hopes, wishes and dreams to the Soulful need to nurture/mother and attend to family matters.

At 3:56pm on Saturday Mercury at 11:29 Pisces Ses-Squares the North Node at 26:29 Cancer.

Now we can express some of why we are pursuing family issues so intently. The North Node in Cancer brings our focus onto family and ways that we nurture or ‘be’ family to others. Mercury in Pisces is reviewing our spiritual path before he emerges with a new set of ideas once he Ingresses Aries. But Mercury will Retrograde in Pisces, though he won’t return to 11+ Pisces, so for now this is the final word. What gets spoken will create more adjustment to our North Node emphasis, but it will result in an ease as well.

At 3:44am on Sunday Venus at 15:30 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 15:30 Pisces.

Just prior to this aspect exacting, Venus will Conjunct the Jan 5th Solar Eclipse at 15:25 Capricorn. We may see how our desires are aligning with the RAPID CHANGE ‘FRESH START’ of the Solar Eclipse energies. This Sextile to Neptune is working productively with the effects of that Solar Eclipse. Which is always a nice thing from the Planet that knows all and dissolves things out from under us. Our desires today will feel Karmically good and we can initiate new career desires with ease. We can see how to apply our own resources for what is ahead. And attraction is easy without any Karmic fear.

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