Soulful Motivations – Feb 13/14

At 1:20am (EST) on Wednesday Mars at 29:12 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 29:12 Aries.

This aspect has passed and hopefully without incident, or accident. Did you sense anything about your motivations? We are in an odd space right now with Uranus preparing to leave Mar’s Sign Aries for another 77 years or so. On Mar 6 Uranus will Ingress Taurus to stay for about 7 years. We are wrapping up those lessons but may not realize them until he Ingresses Taurus and we sense the difference in the energies and the way the awareness hits us.

At 10:02pm Mars at 29:47 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 29:47 Pisces.

Mars is in a sort of ‘Soul Awareness’ aspect as he connects Uranus and Chiron over these 24 hours or so. This is the productive side that shows us something about our motivations, self-assertion and how our subconscious ‘wounding’ has maybe inhibited us. But on Feb 18 Chiron Ingresses Aries again, Mar’s Sign. Then we have several years to acquaint ourselves with a wounding around will, action, motivation, self-assertion and relating to others. Insecurity is what we will all get to feel from time-to-time. For tonight try to enjoy the productive energies at play.

At 3:30am on Thursday Mercury at 7:03 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 22:03 Capricorn.

Some irritating words that speak to some unseen fear around our use of power or someone else’s use of power or our career and public status. Make a note of what you hear, say or read/write as it is showing us something of the current cycle between these 2 Planets. Pluto is in new territory and on a new degree so this is some new situation that you will be reviewing a few months down the road on Jul 8 or so.

At 5:51am Mars Ingresses Taurus.

Just in time for Valentine’s Mars and Venus energies will be merged making us all motivated to touch and swoon over someone’s beauty and to fall in love.

From Taurus Mars will Ses-Square Jupiter, Quintile the North Node, Semi-Square Chiron, Sextile Neptune, Biquintile Jupiter, Trine Saturn and Pluto and more! He will remain in Taurus until Mar 31.

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