Boomerang Finger of Merlin -Feb 10/11

At 6:36pm (EST) on Sunday the Sun at 21:57 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 21:57 Aquarius.

A minor aspect involving our social or philanthropic goals and our use of power. Or someone else’s use of power and our sense of freedom. Tonight you can have some clarifying awareness around what our Pluto entities are up to. Pluto in Capricorn challenging each of us to return to our personal sovereignty. Today is a great day to see what that might look like.

At 7:26pm Mercury at 1:01 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 16:01 Capricorn.

Here we could have some irritating Karmic words that surface from our subconscious mind around our career goals. It may feel like someone is trying to control our speech and we don’t really like it. But it is really just a subconscious fear that we can be releasing.

Over the next 19 hours Mercury will be moving through a Boomerang Finger of Merlin involving Jupiter and the North Node as the nozzle that boomerangs the energy back to the South Node. Jupiter is in orb now, but won’t exact his Biquintile to the North Node until next Monday, Feb 18 on nearly the same degree and minute as Mercury connects with them both.

At 1:05am on Monday Mercury at 1:27 Pisces Quintiles Jupiter at 19:27 Sagittarius.

Now our expressions are effortless and hit just the right mark to achieve any bigger goals that we have in mind. We can be optimistic and expansive in our thoughts and communication. We are reaching out to someone who may be a senior, a foreigner, long-distance friend or mentor and we are on the same page.

At 2:01pm on Monday at 2:26 Pisces Biquintiles the North Node at 26:26 Cancer.

Here our words will be expressed around Soulful sense of mom, home, family and land, but will take us right back into (the South Node in Capricorn) looking at how fathers, authorities, public structures and career goals are impacting these areas of life. There is some effortless ability to let go of subconscious fears and understand the purpose of the Nodes of Fate right now. Look to the Houses where you have 26 Cancer and 26 Capricorn to see who you will be thinking about, talking or writing to, or hearing from.

There are no aspects on Tuesday but Mars will begin applying to Conjunct Uranus which exacts at 1:20am on Wednesday. This is an ‘accident prone’ energy as aggressive could be unexpected or you could act prematurely (without thought as Mars/Aries are prone to do) and trip yourself up. Awareness is very useful in advance. No rickety ladders and the like;)

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