Mercury is Soulful & Higher-Minded – Feb 9/10

At 5:53pm (EST) on Saturday Mercury at 29:06 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus at 29:06 Aries.

Uranus rules Mercury in his Sign, Aquarius. So inspiration, revelation, bizarre thoughts and ideas are on top and can come across in a shocking, aggressive manner. But there is some productive result from it.

Last night I had a conversation about the government shut-down and was discussing a bit of the Astrology of it. Pluto came to mind with taxes, debt and loans, but so did Uranus in Taurus regarding changes to our fixed assets. And this morning I woke up thinking about Uranus Ingressing Taurus to stay for the next 7 years. He spent some time there in 2018 as he did with Aries in 2010 before Uranus Ingressed Aries to stay for 7 years. On Mar 12, 2011 Uranus Ingressed Aries for the 2nd time to stay and on Mar 11, 2011. You may recall the Earthquake under Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant. That was Uranus (unexpected and shaking things up) in Aries (1st House of the Earth’s Chart and the Earth’s body) creating an Earthquake of 8-9 points.

Uranus Ingress Aries, Mar 11, 2011, 10:30pm EST

See if today you can any inkling of what Uranus Ingressing Taurus on Mar 6 might bring. In 2011 Neptune Ingressed Pisces (where he still is Transiting) a few days later. Both Planets were in a Semi-Sextile at the time. Over this last year Uranus and Neptune have been in a Semi-Square and will exact their 3rd Semi-Square on May 1st.

Uranus and Neptune can bring shocking subconscious thoughts to the surface that may have been yours or which belong to the entire collective as Uranus rules. Uranus rules electrical currents and bolts of lightning, awareness and change. He desires more philanthropic and universal, egalitarian ideals. Whereas Taurus is the toddler of the Zodiac saying, ‘mine, mine, mine’ and acquiring without a 2nd thought of others.

Venus rules Taurus and Uranus in Taurus will put this energy in aspect to Neptune over the next several months, as he did last year. Yes, unexpected attraction can occur but so can Neptune bring up fears around our resources and what is ‘mine’ whereas Uranus sees assets as universal and there to be shared. In Taurus our revelations will come through the Throat Chakra as Taurus/Venus rules the throat. In Aries each of us received revelation straight into our Crown Chakra. Unusual voices may win your vote in all those singing shows. Unusual beauty and attractions as well. Hidden desires will surface unexpectedly.

On Feb 18 Chiron will Ingress Aries to stay for the next several years. With a wounding around the way individuals assert themselves (aka insecurity), we could find far more aggression coming to the forefront.

While Mercury’s aspect today may not bring you THIS much insight, begin to FEEL the shifts that are getting ready to take place over the next few months. It won’t be boring!!

At 12:20am on Sunday Mercury at 29:35 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 29:35 Pisces.

On the same degree as his meeting with Uranus, this means Uranus and Chiron are in a Semi-Sextile as well and have been for months. This is a productive aspect that will help us to express some of the lessons of Chiron in Pisces who has been Transiting this Sign since 2010. Chiron in Pisces is a lack of faith in the Universe and we went through Heartbreak Squares from Saturn in Sagittarius 2016-2017 creating a ‘Crisis of Faith’. By now, we should have arrived at some sense of peace that any lack of faith is just part of our human condition and the Universe is really not the bad guy. As Chiron Ingresses Aries on Feb 18 to stay, we will begin to see if we can manage insecurities with the knowing that it is all just another facet of this human condition. We get to share, for a time, the experience that those with Chiron in Aries or their 1st House Natally must contend with. But with insecurity running through the masses it reminds me a bit of a chemical reaction that creates fire;) Oh boy!

At 5:50am Mercury Ingresses Pisces.

Now we have our thoughts, ideas and expressions moving from lightning quick Air energy into deep Water energy. Mercury will Retrograde in this Sign on Mar 6 covering the degrees from 16:06 to 29:39 Pisces 3 times. He will even be reviewing some of the expressions that get spoken on Saturday night/Sunday morning as Chiron sits on the Anaretic (29+ degree) of Aries. For a time, our conscious mind will have the ‘gills’ to dive deeply into our collective unconscious and bring up our new ideas of faith that have been challenged by Chiron since 2010.

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