Sun Quintiles Uranus & Venus Quintiles Neptune- Feb 5/6

The Moon Ingressed Pisces around 9:30am this morning. Now we will have some intuition around some subconscious issues for the next 2.5 days.

At 4:24pm (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 21:47 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 21:47 Capricorn.

The opening aspect in this current cycle (that we all might feel). Its productive words, thoughts and ideas that could change the way we use our power or express some necessary change (Aquarius). To get along within a group of people, you may need to tone down your authoritative stance and merge a bit more into the group.

At 9:25pm the Sun at 17:00 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 29:00 Aries.

Uranus will be sitting at this Anaretic degree of Aries until Mar 6 when he Ingresses Taurus to stay for another 7+ years in that Sign. Between now and then we will be wrapping up the awareness he has brought us while in Aries since Mar 2011. Uranus in Aries is revelation into our Crown Chakra and, when blocked, he can bring migraines until you accept the new awareness and make the change. How have you changed since Mar 2011? The Sun is going to bring us some effortless clarity around these changes and how it has impacted ourselves in our social network. Uranus rules the Sun here so there is magical, clarity for CHANGE. If you still have a change to make, today you will see where it is and move to make it.

At 10:55am on Wednesday Venus at 3:07 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 15:07 Pisces.

Some magical desires around career and social status efforts that allow us to earn some income or acquire some resources. There is magical support from our subconscious to manifest new structures in our lives.

Venus Ingressed Capricorn a few days ago and will be bringing up our desires for the new directions Saturn has been initiating since Dec 2017. We will find authority-types more approachable and depending on how this hits in our own charts, they will find us more desirable for the positions we are seeking.

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