Personal Soul Awareness – Feb 2/3

From early Saturday to early Sunday 3 Personal Planets are meeting Uranus and Chiron in a sort of ‘Soul Awareness’ type of rolling aspect. Uranus and Chiron CREATE Soul Awareness so make use of your inspired thoughts and desires to see how to heal any pain you have been through over the last 8 years!

At 2:22am (EST) on Saturday the Sun at 13:09 Aquarius Semi-Squared Venus at 28:09 Sagittarius.

The Sun in Aquarius is showing us something about our socializing, social network, philanthropical goals. Or our personal goals for freedom. Venus is wrapping up our current desires for a philosophy of abundance for all. There is some irritation between our need for freedom and our use of our own resources for a more global good. Not too worry, philanthropy is an Aquarian thing, too, so you may have to just ‘give’ your resources without much thought of ‘who’ you are giving to. Random is the Universe’s way of doling out what is needed.

At 6:41pm Venus at 28:55 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 28:55 Aries.

Now we have similar energy as Uranus rules Aquarius, but it is coming as an ease and we can more easily initiate our own course of action that serves the common good. You may find what how you use your resources is a bit shocking tonight. Or your passionate (Aries) desires (Venus) take an unexpected (Uranus) turn. Money ideas can be very optimistic and expansive and shake you out of some rut of holding on too tight to what you have.

At 10:38pm Mercury at 16:55 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 28:55 Aries.

Meeting Uranus on the exact same degree and minute as Venus, but just 2 degrees from the Sun who is still Semi-Square to Venus at this time, we have quite a bit of Personal insight going on here around Uranus near the end of his Transit through Aries. And Uranus is ruling the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. So whatever revelatory desires, ideas and goals you have surfacing tonight, see if you can put together Uranus’ primary purpose for you as he prepares to leave Aries soon. You will have effortless inspiration tonight. You will find socializing to be magical and to create some results that you have wanted to ‘see’ with your conscious mind. Mercury is still in orb of the Sun so we are close to reality in what does appear tonight.

Around the stroke of midnight, though, it may feel as though the magic has ended. You could leave your glass slipper somewhere as you hurry out of the situation before the magic ends.

At 1:51am on Sunday Venus at 29:15 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 29:15 Pisces.

Chiron is on the Anaretic, or critical, degree of Pisces and ready to Ingress Aries on Feb 18. Chiron is at a strong, quintessential energy of Pisces and stressing the lessons of the last 8 years of his Transit through Pisces. Thankfully Venus offers healing and we can more easily navigate this aspect by looking to heal any old wounds from the last 8 years. Reach out and touch and let the wounding leave you.

At 4:48am the Sun at 14:16 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 29:16 Pisces.

Mercury moved through this aspect on Friday morning so we would have heard something then that we are getting clear about today. When the Sun meets Chiron gratitude for what we see around any wounding is the very best response. When you see how the wounding has served you to have this human experience of imperfection, you CAN be grateful for it. Your Soul knows perfection and what is the fun in that;)

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