The Superior Conjunction – Jan 28

At 6:44am (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 8:49 Aquarius Semi-Squares Venus at 23:49 Sagittarius.

Venus will Semi-Square the Sun on Saturday after the Superior Conjunction to Mercury (below). Mercury is already in orb of his Conjunction to the Sun and Venus is applying to the Semi-Square now. So there is a great amount of conscious clarity in this aspect. Venus is showing us the desires that match what the Sun and Mercury were working on in December. Our desires are now lagging behind our reality and this is where the Semi-Square comes in. Venus wants to apply her resources towards the greater good in support of her spiritual philosophy, but she has yet to encounter Saturn and Pluto who are bound to affect her current values. Mercury will express how our desires need to catch up and change with the reality the Sun is now showing us.

Planetary Superior and Inferior Conjunctions with the Sun

At 9:52pm (EST) on Tuesday the Sun at 9:55 Aquarius Conjuncts Mercury at 9:55 Aquarius.

This is the Superior Conjunction of their current cycle which always begins with the seeding of ideas at the Inferior Conjunction which exacted on Nov 27, 2018 at 5:04 Sagittarius.

The Sun/Mercury cycle challenges our conscious view of our reality as Mercury gets out of sync with the real-time of the Sun conjuring up many unrealistic ideas that we must review during his Retrograde cycle.

As both the Sun and Mercury are Direct for the Superior Conjunction, we are testing how well we have been doing at ‘seeing’ the ideas we seeded at the Inferior Conjunction. These 2 Planets have roughly 6 days each year where they Conjunct and it is the clearest days of the year where our thoughts are in sync with real-time. Pay very close attention to what gets said today. Both Planets have Transited over 64 degrees since their Inferior Conjunction. They wrapped up how our spiritual philosophy (global/big picture ideas) are playing into their current cycle and our goals moving forward. They both have been through Capricorn and showing us clearly (Sun) the state of our careers and public reputation though Mercury was lagging behind the Sun and his thoughts were less clear. They both met Saturn and Pluto in that Sign was well as Psyche, our Soul mind Transiting there, too. We have expressed and seen things about the new career structures and our use of authority and how we are transforming our use of authority or being transformed by others’ use of authority.

Now as they meet in Aquarius we are looking at group-think, social network areas of life and socializing in general. We may be taking into our conscious mind how the government shutdown as impacted our social life and our philanthropic endeavors. Are we starting to see that we are all in this mess together and looking for ways to maintain our freedom despite governmental influences? What will we CHANGE about what we are doing in order to support our universal good?

Capricorn is politics, but Aquarius is freedom and out-of-the-box thinking. Can we find new inventive ways to manage the political divide we seem to be via those in 3D reality? Or can we choose not to even place our focus there as there is a higher awareness that shows us our path forward?

From today Mercury will begin racing forward ahead of the Sun creating all sorts of 3D Karmic ideas if we let him. He will reach 29:39 Pisces on March 6 when he will Station Retrograde. He will retrace the degrees back to 16:06 Pisces and Station Direct there on Mar 29. At least on this current cycle the Sun and Mercury are moving through 3 Higher Mind Signs (Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, Aquarius ruled by Uranus and Pisces ruled by Neptune). It could be a major change in the ways we view our reality if we let in the Higher Mind energies to guide us. Except for in Capricorn, Mercury will not be able to be simply in 3D energies which will be helpful for those in awareness.

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