Sun Opposes North Node – Jan 15/16

As of Tuesday we are 5 days from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It will be an emotional reset around relationships having to do with the people in the Houses where you have 0:52 Leo/Aquarius. Lunar Eclipse effects are quick, but decisive. The effect lasts for the next 2-4 weeks. Though this is the final Eclipse across the axis of Leo and Aquarius so it could be ending something in a more pronounced way.

At 4:45pm (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 16:32 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 28:32 Pisces.

Effortless words that just might come across as Soulfully accurate;) How are you doing with your new career structures? How might you have been down this road before in other lifetimes? There could be a ring of truth that echoes back through those other lives as well as this one.

At 11:55pm on the Sun at 26:46 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 26:46 Cancer.

This places the Sun on the South Node where we are letting go of some things or where we have an ‘ease’ for the time being. The Nodes are Opposite where they were 9 years ago. Can you sense the shift in focus towards mom, home, family and land? Where 9 years ago you were focused on dad, career, social status and authority? Is there a difference? It can be hard to detect because the Solar Eclipse of Jan 5 has us working on a FRESH START around career, etc. But there is some deeper focus on keeping the home fires burning or being more Soulful about Cancer areas of life. Today we can get some clarity around this axis of focus for the current Eclipse cycle. You can set new goals and achieve some position of authority perhaps.

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