Mercury’s 3D Mind is Elevated – Jan 14

On Monday morning Mercury will be aspecting 2 Higher Mind Planets from the Sign Saturn rules. We can expect to express some of the purpose of Jupiter’s Square to Neptune and Saturn’s impending Sextile to Neptune. Mercury will be rising above his mundane sense of reality on Monday morning.

At 8:13am (EST) on Monday Mercury at 14:24 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 14:24 Pisces.

On Sunday morning Mercury was Conjunct Saturn and now he is aspecting the other Karmic Planet, Neptune, just 90 minutes apart. On Jan 31, Saturn will Sextile Neptune at 14:55 Capricorn/Pisces respectively. So we should be hearing something that foreshadows this productive aspect between the 2 Karmic Planets that is already within orb. How do our career initiatives sit with our subconscious minds? The Sextile says all should be less Karmic and more productive. So we have the subconscious supporting our new structures. Mercury will express what those structures are. Neptune does dissolve, but in this case, it should be dissolving old Karmic fears around the new structures we are initiating.

At 10:29am Mercury at 14:33 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 14:33 Sagittarius.

Jupiter is now separating from his Square to Neptune that exacted Sunday and things should be getting clearer. What we are getting clear about is our spiritual philosophy for getting through any subconscious, Karmic fears of avoidance and escapism. Fresh from his Conjunction to Saturn, and Sextile to Neptune, Mercury should be expressing how to apply our philosophy to our new career structures. We are likely to be expressing this aspect with a mentor, senior, foreigner, grandparent or philospher of some sort on Monday morning as Jupiter is an Interpersonal Planet. So look to see WHO you are communicating with and what you are both saying regarding career plans, social status and big picture, philosophical perspectives.

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