Mercury Conjuncts Saturn – Jan 13

At 12:19am (EST) on Sunday Venus at 6:00 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 21:00 Capricorn.

Pluto is finally moving of the degree Opposite the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse and so we are releasing the last bit of that energy for now. He will return to 20+ Capricorn in Sep & Oct, 2019. And the fact we are in the subsequent Eclipse cycle is resolving much of that angst of his position Opposite that Eclipse. This aspect between Venus and Pluto is a minor irritation around our expansive desires and someone else’s authority over us (or perceived authority). There is some conflict between money issues and or physical intimacy.

Mercury/Saturn Cycle that is Ending Today

At 8:31am Mercury at 12:51 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 12:51 Capricorn.

This ends the current cycle and begins a new cycle between these 2 Planets. Saturn in Capricorn has us focused on career goals and as Mercury Transits through the Signs and Houses he expresses various aspects of how our career goals are being achieved. Today we should hear something that expresses any Karmic fear we have had regarding our career initiatives and/or how we are doing and how response-able we have been in solidifying our plans. Pay attention to all forms of communication and ideas today to see where we stand based on the last cycle and where things are moving over the next cycle.

At 1:58pm Jupiter at 14:23 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 14:23 Pisces.

This aspect has wreaked its havoc over the last few days as some of our fears have come out to play. Lost phones, rent not deducted on time or website challenges have been issues I have heard about. It has been a bit confusing as we dealt with issues we didn’t expect. Now as they exact and soon separate, we can see the confusion subside and may find there is something valuable that can result. Insurance can play a role in some way. Good fortune and ‘faith’ can help you rise above any fears that you ‘saw’ and had to release. It is these Squares that Jupiter and Neptune that help us achieve some new level of certainty in the ways we operate as we see the flimsiness or delusion in some areas of our lives.

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