Jupiter Square Neptune – Test of Faith – Jan 13

At 1:58pm on Jan 13 (Sunday) Jupiter at 14:23 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 14:23 Pisces.

We are already feeling the effects of this Transit as Jupiter is within a 1 degree orb of Neptune right now. This can bring too much optimism, delusion and confusion. You can feel overwhelmed with subconscious fears and want to avoid. It is a test of your faith as to whether your spiritual philosophy will stand up to your worst fears.

If you struggle with too much avoiding behavior or excessive escapism, this Transit will challenge you to stand in your spiritual/higher consciousness philosophy and stare down your fears. You can’t do that by excessive drinking and drugging. You won’t find any answers to your fears by giving in to the void and blackhole that is one potential of this Square. You CAN, however, see how your philosophy promotes you to have more faith in the unseen providence that can be available to you.

This is like Jonah in the belly of the whale. It wasn’t that the whale couldn’t have eaten him up, but that his faith allowed for another outcome. This can be a very trying Transit where things don’t really seem clear or concrete, but you need to know you can withstand the buffeting of the big waves at the edges of your subconscious fears.

You GOT THIS!! Let it test your fears. Let it bathe you in one of your worst fears and remember that you are greater than anything those fears might bring up. Share this with anyone you know will be struggling with this energy. It just may give them the perspective they need to not succumb to the vast void of this energy.

It is 2 Higher Mind Planets testing your view of reality. You are a Merlin even in the midst of a Square. You can turn this energy around to your advantage by ignoring (Neptune) the false lies (Neptune) of your subconscious mind and infusing it with optimism and global perspective of Jupiter.

If you are prone to addictions, then set yourself some subconscious cues (or breadcrumbs) to find your way back without going too far into the rabbit hole. Loss of self is one experience you can have here. But allow yourself to maintain your Higher Mind understanding as you dive deeply into the void. Believe there is a rabbit in that hole, or hat, and you will magically bring it back with you. Square or not, you can rise above the 3D side of this aspect.

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