Sliding Into the Eclipse – Jan 4

With all of the aspects hitting just after midnight on Jan 4 I was unable to write sooner. But as Mercury made most of the aspects, viewing them in hindsight is very easy.

At 5:41pm on Thursday Mercury at 28:12 Sagittarius Squared Chiron at 28:12 Pisces.

This might have been a few words that hurt you, but with Mercury in Jupiter’s Sign of Sagittarius, it wouldn’t hurt much if at all. Some Soulful words might have opened up some more spiritual perspective for you.

At 12:13am on Thursday Mercury at 28:36 Sagittarius Trined Uranus Rx at 28:36 Aries.

This is the degree and minute of Uranus’ impending Direct Station that will exact at 3:26pm on Sunday, Jan 6. So what easy, though surprising, words you heard might have shook up your schedule (it did mine;) or caused you to make some changes to what we were thinking just yesterday.

At 1:42am Venus at 26:45 Scorpio Trined the North Node at 26:45 Cancer.

Some easy, Soulful intimacy with family members. There may have been someone offering to pay for something you needed or to pay for some way to be with your family.

At 1:59am Venus at 26:46 Scorpio Semi-Squared Saturn at 11:46 Capricorn.

A bit of restriction around the earlier ease might have caused you to put our money into something that furthered your own career goals or provided for your family in some concrete way.

At 2:57pm (just a few minutes ago) the Sun at 14:10 Capricorn Sextiled Neptune at 14:10 Pisces.

Some clarity around something having to do with your career goals and the area of your life that Neptune has been shrouding in fog and confusion. The Sun shines the light into what Neptune has been doing and you are able to apply this clarity to setting better goals moving forward.

At 10:40pm Mercury Ingresses Capricorn.

Now our thoughts, ideas and communication will change from the big picture, spiritual side of things into more practical, concrete ways to initiate new structures for your career and social status. Mercury will join the Stellium of Planets in Capricorn for the Solar Eclipse on Saturday night: Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Psyche as well as the Vertex at the exact time of the Eclipse. Political topics will be front and center as we move into the RAPID CHANGE and FRESH START of the Solar Eclipse.

At 10:48pm Mars at 2:44 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 20:44 Capricorn.

Pluto has just crossed the exact Opposition to the Jul 12 Eclipse so there is some definite ending of that Eclipse energy and we are now making way for the Solar Eclipse on Saturday night. This magical aspect with Mars will have us effortlessly pursuing our passions and seeking intimacy with some wonderful success. Depending on the Houses where you have these 2 Planets, will determine WHO and WHERE this pursuit will take place but ‘Peace of Earth’ can be had for a few hours anyway;)

On Saturday Venus will Trine Chiron 1:00pm, the Solar Eclipse will exact at 8:28pm with Sun and Moon at 15:25 Capricorn and an hour later Venus will exact a Quincunx to Uranus on the same degree and minute of his Direct Station set for 3:26pm on Sunday.

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