Magic, Healing & Revelation – Dec 19/20

On the heels of the Clarity around our ‘Crisis of Faith’ we have a very nice magical/5D aspect between our ‘go’ and our ‘stop’ energies.

At 9:17pm (EST) on Wednesday Mars at 21:59 Pisces Quintiles Saturn at 9:59 Capricorn.

Mars can bring up some subconscious situations with men from our past or present. Saturn rules fathers and authority-types of all kinds. But Mars likes to go and Saturn likes to restrict. With the 5D magic, however, both energies will work together effortlessly. Our actions will achieve us some social status or career goals. Or we can set new boundaries that we can easily manage without fear.

At 10:19am on Thursday Venus at 17:57 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron at 27:57 Pisces.

Her first aspect since clearing the Shadow of her Retrograde cycle, Venus will have us looking at new intimate desires and our sharing and use of other peoples’ money. Our desires should be aligning with the lessons of Jupiter in Scorpio over the last few. Money could be arriving or you may find some ways to secure some investment while putting forward a bit of your own cash. Or women could be your financial backers and helping you to achieve some desires as long as we apply honesty and transparency. Whatever occurs will be healing and offer us a chance to heal a situation with an intimate and financial partner.

At 11:22am the Sun at 28:44 Sagittarius Trines Uranus Rx at 28:44 Aries.

Uranus is just 8 minutes from his exact Direct Station which will occur at 28:36 Aries at 3:26pm on Jan 6. His Direct Station is one of my favorite events all year and between now and then he will be giving us some awareness around his upcoming message that will literally be downloaded into our crown chakra (which Aries rules). Today we get some clarifying awareness that will point to some of his revelation. As the Sun is still in orb of the Square to Chiron, though separating, we can expect some Soul Awareness to come through that elevates our new Spiritual Philosophy to something our Soul can approve of.

There can be some unexpected new personal goals that serve our global family and our big picture perspective today. 

On Friday we have the Winter/Summer Solstice as the Sun Ingresses Capricorn initiating Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  And just before that Mercury will Conjunct Jupiter at 9:34 Sagittarius offering some very solid new spiritual perspective to elevate legal matters into finding forgiveness and redemption.

On Saturday we will have the Full Moon at 0:49 Cancer/Capricorn. The next 2 weeks will be all about ‘family’.

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