Clarity of our ‘Crisis of Faith’ – Dec 18/19

From Tuesday night until Wednesday night the Sun will make 2 very Soulful aspects from the Sign of Sagittarius which awakens our spiritual philosophy. The Sun will take us back through some of the energy of the ‘Heartbreak Squares’ of 2016-2017 offering us clarity around how to move forward.

At 9:34pm (EST) on Tuesday the Sun at 27:07 Sagittarius Quincunx the North Node at 27:07 Cancer.

See can see clearly how sense of family needs to be adjusted to match our new spiritual philosophy. Right now the Sun is sitting at the degree where Saturn sat on April 30, 2017 for the 2nd Square to Chiron in Pisces (27:18 Sagittarius/Pisces respectively). Their 3 Squares (Dec 28, 2016, Apr 30 and Nov 2, 2017) created a ‘Crisis of Faith’ for all of us. Saturn in Sagittarius restricted our usual Sagittarian optimism and Saturn’s ‘Heartbreak Square’ with our collective Soul-Level wounding, Chiron, had us all questioning the benevolence of the Universe itself. 

Now as the Sun aspects the North Node in Cancer today, and Squares Chiron on Wednesday night, we are getting clarity on the status of ‘faith’ and spiritual philosophy to remedy the Heartbreak of 2017 that has continued through 2018.

The North Node Ingressed Cancer on Nov 6 just 50 minutes before Uranus Retrograde Ingressed Aries again. It was a big shift in energies. But the NN’s purpose in Cancer is to bring about Eclipses across the Cancer/Capricorn axis and help us refresh Soulful lessons around Cancer energies which encompass mom, home, family, land, nurturing and initiating emotions as the glue to keep family together. Cancer and Capricorn are Karmic Houses and Eclipses across this axis are strongly felt. We had our 1st Eclipse in Cancer on Jul 12, 2018. These 2 Signs will be accentuated by the Eclipses for another 18 months. 

Some themes we can get clear about today involve seeing ‘family’ from a more global perspective. In this Holiday season will you include those of different backgrounds into your family traditions and into your homes? Will you set goals to provide for the senior members of  your family over the next few years? Will you pursue your spiritual philosophy with more purpose so as to strengthen the ties between you and your family?

At 5:02pm on Wednesday the Sun at 27:57 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 27:57 Pisces.

Now we have a bit harsher aspect that will remind us of the ‘Crisis of Faith’ but also show us some of how this ‘Crisis’ has made us stronger. Gratitude is the key when the Sun and Chiron connect. Try to see the silver lining of all that has resulted from it.

The last few years was particularly hard on Aries Sun and Rising as Pisces is their natural 12th House and a wounding in the 12th House is very hard to manage. Escapism and falling into a Blackhole of despair is a reality for this placement. But Chiron has just Stationed Direct on Dec 9th and is now readying to leave Pisces for the next 42 years before Ingressing Pisces once again as he did in 2010. We will finally be wrapping up this ‘Crisis of Faith’ so we can move on with greater optimism and benevolence to global perspectives.

Jupiter’s Transit through Sagittarius (the Sign he rules) over the next year will be so important in helping us create a spiritual philosophy to move out of this ‘Crisis’.  

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