Powerful Personal Aspects – Dec 16/17

At 9:08am (EST) on Sunday the Sun at 24:34 Sagittarius Semi-Squared Venus at 9:34 Scorpio.

This aspect has already exacted, but you are likely still feeling the energy and may clearly see what your desires are around shared resources (use of other peoples’ money) and intimacy. The Sun in Sagittarius is optimistic and expansive goals and purpose. We see how having a spiritual philosophy to adhere to can be very helpful in our intimate dealings.

At 9:26am Venus at 9:34 Scorpio Sextiled Saturn at 9:34 Capricorn.

Now we have some productive desires around our shared resources, our own resources and our career and sense of authority. Mercury, the Sun and Venus are nearing the end of their current cycle with Saturn so some storyline is coming to completion awaiting a new cycle to begin. With Saturn in Capricorn accountability and response-ability to intimacy and shared resources is a must.

At 1:57am on Monday Mars at 20:07 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 20:07 Capricorn. 

Our hidden motivations to avoid is working productively with authority who we share resources with. Passivity could work in your favor for the moment. Former intimate partners could pop up with this aspect though likely via some unseen form of contact. 

At 2:10pm Mercury at 4:46 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 28:46 Aries.

Unexpected, even aggressive communication that seems to effortlessly show you the higher ground in a situation or the benefit that can be achieved for yourself and others. This is Mercury’s 3rd Biquintile to Uranus during his current Retrograde cycle. The 1st was on Nov 5 before Mercury Station Retrograde at 6:03 Sag and 0;03 Taurus ; the 2nd was on Nov 27 at 5:16 Sag and 29:16 Aries respectively. Today’s Biquintile will involve the element of our individual motivation and will power (Aries) rather than earned income, desires and values (Taurus). 

At 9:54pm Mercury at 5:09 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 20:09 Capricorn.

Some suspicious thoughts and ideas can creep up with this aspect, but don’t take the bait. If you do take it, then try to recognize that your suspicions may not be true and only your own certainty that they ARE is what makes the real and true. 

Pluto is now at 20+ degrees Capricorn and will stay there through the first Solar Eclipse of the upcoming Eclipse cycle which occurs on Jan 5 with Sun and Moon Conjunct at 15:25 Capricorn. Pluto will be at 20:44 Capricorn, Opposite the Jul 12, 2018 Solar Eclipse degree of 20:41 Cancer. Pluto was Retrograde at 20:00 Capricorn for that Eclipse and just recently crossed into 20:00 Capricorn a few days ago in time to play a role in the Uranus Semi-Squared Neptune (on Saturday morning). It was a powerful punch and one that may have hurt but has opened up some energies that needed to be unstuck.

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  1. Hey there. I’m thinking about a reading with you soon. Possibly doing more than one… really intregrage it into my life. But I want to know how I can help you help me. I want to be really intentional with this work. And eventually if things work out I would love to learn from you too as we do it? I think I saw that as an offer you have in one of your packages. I would just like to know more. I’ve had some big struggles in the recent past that I’m trying to move away from. I’m having a hard time keeping hope for the future. I just feel very lost and hoping that astrology can bring some clarity. Help me learn about myself day to day…and guide myself through the changes. I think I’ll be able to pick up the “feeling” of 5d easily. But It would be extra helpful to really identify it. Clarity. I’d love to learn how my energies can be used in more productive ways and not fight the flow of what the shifts of the universe brings. I would think this is a very personal job you have…. so what information can I collect about myself to give you (apart from my birth info). I don’t think I have any precise questions as far as what my future holds….but navigating life in general would be so helpful. I’m a mess haha. Would love to hear from you. Text, call, email… thank you.

    1. Just send me your birthdate, time of birth, and city of birth and I will tell YOU what is going on with you as well as the purpose and duration of it. Yes, the purpose of 5D Astrology is to FEEL the Planetary energies and learn to use their highest expressions😉 Readings are the fastest way to integrate it all together. And Transit Reports help you follow the Planetary energies for yourself. What you are looking for is exactly HOW I do astrology so you can learn to follow your chart yourself.

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