Uranus Semi-Square Neptune – Dec 15

At 6:11am (EST) on Saturday Uranus Rx at 28:49 Aries Semi-Squares Neptune at 13:49 Pisces.

These 2 Planets in a hard aspect Natally can create disassociative tendencies as there is a constant buzz going on in the back of the mind. It can be hard to integrate others’ babble when you are busy trying to process these 2 Higher Mind Planets yourself. They exacted a Semi-Square on Jun 16 when Uranus was at 1:30 Taurus, but now he is back in Aries ready to Station Direct on Jan 6. If you have been facing some ‘demons’ that you weren’t expecting to be dealing with or you have not really want to relate to others as you are now receiving so much subconscious awareness of your own path to freedom, then it is likely this aspect that has been in orb for several weeks now. 

The purpose would be collective (Neptune) and individual (Aries). Can you feel anything that these 2 might have had your working on?

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