Saturn Clears Shadow & Jan 5 Eclipse Approaches – Dec 13/14

About 1:00pm (EST) on Wednesday Saturn clears 9:09 Capricorn and will begin to move into new territory. 

This is great news for those ending Saturn Transits from 2-9+ degrees of Capricorn and Transiting Square all the Cardinal Signs at those degrees as well. Though you may still have more hard aspects from Saturn that you will be encountering soon enough. On April 30, 2019 Saturn will Station Retrograde at 20:31 Capricorn and then Direct again on Sep 18 at at 13:55 Capricorn. He will be making 3 passes across those degrees giving you about 8 months of serious focus around any areas he is impacting.

At 2:37am on Thursday the Sun at 21:14 Sagittarius Biquintiles the North Node at 27:14 Cancer.

This is some clarity around the Soulful lessons of the North Node in Cancer and our big picture thinking. Are you being ‘family’ to everyone? Should ‘blood’ determine who you nurture and treat as though they are important to you? How do you view land ownership and draw boundaries with foreigners or seniors? There can be some big questions formulating for you or just optimism overall towards family and family matters. It is effortless right now to view family from a global perspective so make use of it.

At 10:59am on Friday Venus at 8:02 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 8:02 Sagittarius.

A minor, but productive, aspect to be applied to healing all kinds of intimate situations via money or touch and physical intimacy. You can see how your own desires should be taking into consideration the desires of those you share money or yourself with. Venus will clear her shadow very soon as well, but for now she is wrapping up her review of our desires to merge our own money with others or ourselves with others. Jupiter provides some support in helping her see how ‘me’ and ‘we’ are sort of one in the same just mirroring each other.

At 11:06am Venus at 8:02 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 20:02 Capricorn.

On the exact degree and minute Venus now meets the Planet ruling her in Scorpio: Pluto. But this magical aspect can show us many things about how we use power and social status to secure resources we might need to use or how sex plays a role in all kinds of sharing. Magical, intimate attraction is available at this moment.

Pluto now at 20+ Capricorn is on the degree where he Opposed the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse at 20:44 Cancer. You may recall what a powerfully negative time that seemed to bring up in some relationships. Challenges across the 2 Signs of Cancer/Capricorn involve nurturing vs discipline, home vs. career, mom vs. dad, land vs. power and all other types of repressed behavior around intimate situations and social status. 

Interestingly Pluto will be exactly Opposite of the Eclipse degree at 20:44 Capricorn on Jan 5 when we have the next Solar Eclipse at 15:32 Capricorn. There is likely to be some challenge to overcome that coincides with the Eclipse timeframe. We are already within the Jan 5 Eclipse energy, though not yet the Eclipse Wormhole.  

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  1. Can you help me understand how the current “chart” of what is going on in the universe affects me personally? I want to learn how I do this myself but I don’t know how to word the question correctly for google. Haha can you please help me? For example Saturn is in transit for Capricorn right? So if I have Capricorn ascend and also Uranus and Neptune, does that play a role? I have Saturn conjuncting my moon too. I’m so lost but I really want to follow you 🙁

    1. Follow away and read the blurb on top of my website as it explains how to FEEL 5D Astrology. Or order a phone reading😉

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