Mercury, Uranus & Sagittarius – Dec 11/12

At 6:38am (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 28:53 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 28:53 Aries.

This is the final Quincunx to Uranus as part of Mercury’s Retrograde cycle. Oct 31st was the first Quincunx at 0:15 of Sagittarius and Taurus respectively. The 2nd was on Dec 2 as it is today across Scorpio and Aries. With Mercury Direct now it is the final word on thoughts, ideas and communications that were expressed on the 1st 2 passes regarding intimacy and our personal paths to freedom. There is some adjustment to be made whether it is to be fully honest or to be fully authentically true to yourself which is the utmost intimacy. Something surprising and shocking or so clarifying and illuminating that its as if the words come from a holy place all their own (our Higher Mind).

At 8:26pm the Sun at 19:57 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 19:57 Capricorn.

Some productive clarity around our own use of power or someone else’s ‘power’ over us. In Sagittarius, the Sun can take us to higher ground or vantage point so we can see how we need to reclaim our sovereign authority and ignore any challenge to it rather than fight against the abuse coming from someone else.

At 6:43pm on Wednesday Mercury Ingresses Sagittarius.

Over the next 9 days Mercury will begin expressing some of Jupiter’s purpose as he Transits through Sagittarius for the next 12 months. Following in his wake until he Conjuncts Jupiter on Dec 21, Mercury is ruled by Jupiter who rules Sagittarius. Mercury is not left to his own 3D, lower consciousness thinking, but is elevated by Jupiter. If you are not in your Higher Mind, however, Jupiter’s expansiveness can simply expand Mercury’s amount of words. If you find yourself speaking too much, remember to tune into the higher perspective Jupiter offers. Mercury rules Gemini, the other side of the Axis of Intelligence: Gemini/Sagittarius. Gemini is a Karmic energy of duality. But in Sagittarius we can reconcile our polar ideas and see how the dance of both ‘good and evil’ allows us to have this human experience. But once we see that each is just a side of the same coin then we can forgive, forget and achieve an inner peace that Sagittarius offers. 

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