Sexual Healing – Dec 8/9

At 7:54pm (EST) Saturday night Venus at 3:54 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 27:54 Pisces.

Here we have magical, healing around our intimate desires. Use it for all it is worth! Venus Quincunx Chiron on Nov 28 at 27:57 Libra when we made an adjustment to our relating-ship desires. That was her 3rd Quincunx during her current Retrograde cycle. She Biquintiled Chiron on Oct 23 while she was Rx at 4:50 Scorpio. So the healing has been dealing with intimacy and shared resources while she has been adjusting our desires around relating. What type of sexual healing do you need? How could using your own resources heal some of your financial sharing with another? Chiron will Station Direct on Dec 9 at 27:54 Pisces so he is slowed down right now bringing out some message from our subconscious that has been a block to us.

At 11:07am on Sunday Mercury at 27:54 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 27:54 Pisces.

Both of these 2 aspects are in orb at the same time and same degree with Chiron so we have some healing words to match our desires. Though the thoughts and words may arrive a bit later. Follow the above energy to successfully merge with someone via healing touch and by morning you may find some easy words to express your intimacy ideas and feelings. 

There are no aspects on Monday but these 2 aspects above should be helpful in wrapping up the 2 Retrogrades cycles of Mercury and Venus in time for the Holidays!


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