Grand Water Trine Expressed – Dec 4

At 12:53am (EST) on Tuesday Mercury Rx at 27:55 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 27:55 Pisces.

Both Planets are pulling into their Direct Station at this time and will stay in Trine throughout the next week exacting again on Dec 9 as Chiron Stations Direct. They are also part of a Grand Water Trine with the North Node in Leo right now. This is creating some Soulful ease around our feelings, our home and family, shared resources and intimacy and our connectedness. We can expect some expressions that heal some angst on Tuesday. Money issues will find there is less fear involved and things can work themselves out.

At 11:40am Mercury Rx at 27:42 Scorpio Trines the North Node at 27:42 Cancer.

Here we have some words around money and family/land/home issues that seem to just easily move us in the right direction. Mercury Stations Direct on Thursday on this very degree and will exact a Trine with the North Node again on Friday. So this aspect will be strongly felt over the next few days. Feelings will flow with ease. You may find yourself initiating communications that might have seem difficult only a week or two ago.

At 4:36pm the Sun at 12:42 Sagittarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 27:41 Cancer.

The Sun can bring some clarity around your feelings regarding mom, home, family and land. It may require some adjustment to your spiritual philosophy but it will create an ease that keeps the Grand Water Trine in play.  This aspect is part of the separating Square between the Sun and Mars that exacted on Sunday.

At 1:38pm on Wednesday Mars at 12:34 Pisces Ses-Squares the North Node at 27:34 Cancer.

Now we have Mars following the Sun and aspecting the North Node from Pisces. Still Square the Sun, we can expect to adjust our subconscious motivations in order to keep the ease going around mom, home, family and land situations. Whatever challenge you felt on Sunday with the Sun and Mars in Square will be easily resolved by adjusting both your actions and your philosophy to better align with the Soulful lessons of Cancer.


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