Venus Opposes Uranus & Deciles Jupiter – Nov 29/30


At 7:03pm (EST) on Thursday the Sun at 7:43 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 7:43 Capricorn.

The last aspect in their current cycle before the Sun Conjuncts Saturn at 11:23 Capricorn on Jan 2, 2019. In aspect to Saturn the Sun shows us how our new career goals are shaping up with other areas of our lives. The Sun met Saturn on the very first degree of Capricorn last Dec 21, 2017 and will complete this cycle just past the first decan of Capricorn on Jan 2. So we will get to see how our new career structures are shaping up. The aspect on Thursday will give us insight into how these new structures align with our sense of adventure, speculation and spiritual philosophy.

At 10:51pm Venus at 28:32 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune at 13:42 Pisces.

Neptune is still on the exact degree and minute of his Direct Station which occurred on Nov 24. There is a very important message we need to be receiving from our subconscious mind. Venus is offering a piece of the puzzle around how our desires to relate coincide with any subconscious feelings we are having. Venus and Neptune bring out issues around touch and money. The Ses-Square suggests we make an adjustment in order to achieve an ease. If you sense that you have some fear around getting close to someone, notice it is your fear and then an ease to do so will result. If someone else is hesitating, then offer more opportunities to relate in order to achieve more success. If it is money that you are concerned with, try to remember an Ancient Chinese quote that I love for aspects like this: “God gave us teeth; He will give us bread.” You don’t know how you got your teeth exactly, but if you have them, there must be a reason for them. Maybe food and money is no more difficult to acquire than your teeth have been;) Have faith or KNOW (Neptune/Pisces) and an ease could create the results you are looking for.

At 9:13pm on Friday Venus at 29:09 Libra Opposes Uranus Rx at 29:09 Aries.

This is Venus’ last of 3 Oppositions to Uranus during her Retrograde cycle. She is still in Phase 3 of that cycle and won’t clear her Shadow until she passes 10:50 Scorpio on Dec 18. Her first 2 passes were: Sep 12 at 2:03 Scorpio/Taurus and Oct 31 at 0:15 Scorpio/Taurus. This is the first Opposition across the Libra/Aries axis and the Anaretic (critical/quintessential) degree of both Signs. The girl wants to relate and the guy wants his freedom (FYI, we EACH have a Venus and Mars so sex isn’t really the only way this expresses itself). Might you be surprised that after encountering your changed desires for intimacy as Venus and Uranus met across Scorpio that you are now interested in relating or maintaining your independence? Which way will you go with this aspect? You could be the one unexpectedly initiating a relating-ship. Or you could find it surprising when the other person does so.

New ways to earn a living or income could also be part of this aspect. Keep in mind that Jupiter will exact his Biquintile to Uranus at 10:39am on Saturday offering us plenty of revelation. This puts Jupiter in a Decile (10th harmonic/or half a Quintile) to Venus at the same time). Abundance, charity and giving could be nice ways this plays out. Be charitable to all is another good way. Random acts of kindness could be another great way to use this energy.



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