Venus Gets Soulful & Legal Issues – Nov 28

At 7:03am (EST) on Wednesday Venus at 27:57 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx 27:57 Pisces.

This is an adjustment aspect at a 150 degrees. And it is the 3rd Quincunx Venus has made to Chiron during her Retrograde cycle. The earlier passes were on Sep at 0:42 Scorpio/Aries and Nov 3 at 28:28 Libra/Pisces. On this aspect we are making an adjustment to our Soulful desires for relating-ships. As Venus offers healing with Chiron we can go a long ways towards letting go of any pain we have experienced lately around relating. Reciprocity is a key desire of Venus in Libra, but the Soul knows it is not really necessary as ‘lack of love’ is merely an illusion.

At 12:13pm Venus at 28:03 Libra Squares the North Node at 28:03 Cancer.

A Square to the Nodes can be quite strong at times and this one puts our desires to relate in a vise grip squeeze between home and career, nurturing and boundaries and how our parents may feel about our friends and partners. You will be challenged to choose to move in the direction of Cancer or Capricorn in relating to your significant others. Or finances of a partner may be challenging their home duties while they seek to secure enough bread or bacon to bring home to the family.

At 11:28pm Jupiter at 4:36 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 19:36 Capricorn.

Not the easiest of energies but not that hard either. Jupiter is hard put to bring about too many hard results but if legal issues came up when the Sun and Mercury Conjunct Jupiter on Monday and Tuesday then there may be someone in authority driving the message home here. The message may not be that comfortable either. But still Jupiter can bring us some optimism to see the issue through while resolving some of the Karma that brought it on. Intimacy and honesty are all part of the best way to deal with any irritation you feel with this Semi-Square.

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