Sun Conjunct Jupiter – Lucky Day – Nov 26

At 1:22pm (EST) on Sunday Mercury Rx at 7:16 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 7:16 Capricorn.

Nearing the end of their current cycle, Mercury will make this aspect to Saturn again on Dec 22. He made his first Semi-Sextile to Saturn before Stationing Retrograde on Nov 4. See if you can determine what is being revised that was planned or communicated at that time. Mercury in Sagittarius can often times use too many words, but Saturn likes to restrict so this aspect makes the communication and plans more serious and ones that initiate new structures. How does this relate to the beginning of this current Mercury/Saturn cycle that began on Jan 13, 2018? They will complete this current cycle on Jan 13, 2019. How have your career plans shaped up since then? What new structures have you built? As you build your new spiritual philosophy or are able to see the big picture of things right now with Mercury AND Jupiter in Sagittarius, does this perspective refine your career goals a bit?


At 1:33am on Monday the Sun at 3:56 Sagittarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 3:56 Sagittarius.

This is often considered the luckiest day of the year for all of us. With Jupiter in his own Sign, he will be operating true to form and offering loads of optimism. The Sun allows us to see how our big picture, philosophical perspective can shape our new goals moving forward. Look to the House where you have 3+ Sagittarius to see what area of your life will be enjoying this expansively clarifying energy.

At 3:06am Mercury Rx a 6:30 Sagittarius Squares Mars at 6:30 Pisces.

Some challenging words around over drinking or any motivations to avoid things. Men could say things that hurt a bit or that causes you to feel a pange of separation consciousness. But Mercury in Sagittarius will help you heal from any angry words or too much avoidance.

At 3:33pm the Sun at 4:32 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 19:32 Capricorn.

Though what you see clearly today may irritate you, you at least are seeing how you or someone else is misusing their authority or using their position of authority to coerce or manipulate you. Pluto is nearing the return of his Opposition to the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse which affected each of us via relationships. The Sun can now show you again what this Eclipse cycle has been about and you can choose to SEE it and not act on it which would only evoke more negative responses from Pluto.

Just after midnight on Tuesday Mercury, the Sun and Uranus Rx make a 3-way aspect that offers magical clarity and communication. Should be a great day to speak your mind and your philosophical viewpoint! But the best may be yet to come as Jupiter moves in to Biquintile Uranus on Dec 1!! All 4 Planets are essentially within the 5D/Magical aspect together as Mercury Rx moves back to Conjunct Jupiter on Tuesday night.


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