Gemini Full Moon & Neptune Station – Nov 22-24

I’ve fallen behind on aspects… but sometimes looking in the rearview mirror can be so helpful. Just ask Mercury Rx;) And the North Node in Cancer says to put family first!

Looking back to Thursday:

At 4:01am (EST) on the Sun Ingressed Sagittarius.

Our goals and purpose has shifted from intimacy to spiritual philosophy, seniors, optimism and adventure as well as vacation and long-distance travel. Oh, and, higher consciousness realms. We are more expansive and Black Friday will show just our optimistic we are and how much appreciation we want to show others as we move into the Christmas (and other holidays) season.

At 8:12am Mercury Rx at 10:58 Sagittarius Semi-Squared Venus at 25:58 Libra.

Still on the same degree of her Direct Station, Venus may be expressing an important relating-ship desire that Venus wants to drive home for us. Though plans may still be subject to change and our words as well, we know what we want. You could have been discussing travel plans for upcoming holidays, but all is not exactly set just yet.

At 6:06pm Mars at 4:22 Pisces Biquintiles the North Node at 28:22 Cancer.

A very nice aspect between our subconscious motivations, or men, and family. Effortless nurturing and initiating emotional ties with family.

At 8:39pm Mars at 4:26 Pisces Semi-Squared Pluto at 19:26 Capricorn.

There could be an irritation here between our motivations and fathers or other authority types.

At 12:39am on Friday the Moon at 0:52 Gemini Opposes the Sun at 0:32 Sagittarius creating the Full Moon in Gemini.

This is an emotional peak around our feelings for siblings, local community events and foreign places, spiritual beliefs. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis really is the ‘Little Town of Bethelem’ (Gemini) giving birth to a heavenly King (Sagittarius). How do you feel about what is local vs. global? How does your spiritual philosophy (Sagittarius) elevate you out of Karmic reaction/response (Gemini)? With this occurring at the first degree of the 2 Signs, we won’t be feeling the intensity build until shortly before the aspect exacts. The point of Gemini’s duality is to be resolved through Sagittarius’ higher perspective of seeing the dance of good and evil without judgment.

There is only one aspect on Saturday.

At 8:08pm Neptune at 13:42 Pisces Stations Direct.

Mercury Stationed Retrograde at 13:30 Sagittarius within orb of a Square to Neptune slowing down for his Direct Station. 13 degrees of Sagittarius is amplified due to Mercury’s Station. This will serve to be a powerful point for some time to come. Neptune wants us to pay attention to our spiritual philosophy and how it helps us manage any subconscious fears. Mercury will be speaking about this again as he passes 13+ degrees of Sagittarius on Dec 24 as he passes 13:30 Sagittarius and exacts the Square to Neptune at 13:57 on that evening.

Neptune Stations feel like a tide of emotions coming in and then moving out again. He may have brought down the veil of confusion on some delusion you have experienced when Neptune first crosses over 13-16 Pisces. Now we will get to see some of these things more clearly on his final pass.




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