Astrological Near Misses – Nov 17-19

Over the weekend, after pulling into his Retrograde Station, Mercury made 2 ‘near misses’ of exacting aspects: 1) a Ses-Square to the North Node and 2) a Square to Neptune.

The Square to Neptune is likely something you felt if you noticed some subconscious fears surfacing or just confusion around your thoughts and ideas. Neptune is very near his Direct Station so the energy of this Square was quite strong. Neptune will Station Direct at 13:42 Pisces on Nov 24. It is a sea-change of energy if you watch for it you CAN feel it.

Venus has a near miss of a Quintile to Saturn as Venus Stationed Direct. Some of your new desires may have felt a bit effortless, but this aspect didn’t exact either.

Finally on Monday night we do have an exact aspect:

At 8:30pm Mars at 2:33 Pisces Squares Jupiter at 2:33 Sagittarius.

You could have a strong motivation for escapist type activities with Jupiter/Neptune energies in a hard aspect. Mars in Pisces can feel like he is trying to run through deep waters and so things are slowed-down and can be frustrating with this aspect.

At 5:56am on Tuesday the Sun at 28:04 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 28:04 Pisces.

This is a nice easy feeling around Soulful goals dealing with intimacy. Fears can be put aside and we can merge while seeing some Soulful connection to another. Gratitude is another nice way this aspect can play out. Grateful for all of our human failings and shortcoming for what we have gained via the lessons and experiences.

This aspect is actually part of a Grand Water Trine involving the North Node in late Cancer. So our feelings are getting clear and very Soulful and we are clearer about our new intimacy philosophy that Jupiter helped us to form over the last year of his Transit through Scorpio.

On Tuesday night the Sun will Trine the North Node.

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