Mars Gets Soulful at 28/29 Aquarius – Nov 12-14

At 6:55pm (EST) on Monday Mars at 28:13 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron Rx at 28:13 Pisces.

A minor aspect that is productive which is always good with Chiron involved. Our actions will come from our subconscious and will bring about some revelation and good results. Mars is close to wrapping up his Transit through Aquarius where he had his Retrograde cycle taking him back to Capricorn and now, finally, he will be clearing Aquarius on Thursday and diving deep into Piscean waters. Its a good time to finish up all the socializing or changes you’ve been working on in the House where you have Aquarius in your chart.

For me it is home and career and I have been busy with both and not doing much socializing. The South Node’s Transit through Aquarius has caused many of us to let that go for a time. With the Nodes of Fate now in Cancer/Capricorn, we can return to more normal levels of social media and group interaction.


At 6:42am on Tuesday the Sun at 21:03 Scorpio Semi-Squares Saturn at 6:03 Capricorn.

Some irritating clarity around our career plans and our intimate philosophy. Jupiter was last on this degree of Scorpio on Sep 25 as Mercury Semi-Squared him from 6:05 Libra. What was said at that time would have expressed some intimacy and relating-ship ideas and the Sun sitting on this degree will clarify Jupiter’s position at that time. But it may irritate your career and social status focus. See what you can and apply it to the situation in front of you.

At 8:54am on Wednesday Mars at 29:11 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 29:11 Cancer.

A Soulful adjustment of our actions as it applies to groups and family. The North Node is newly in Cancer and we are just beginning the lessons he will bring over the next 18 months as he moves through this Sign. We will be more focused on mom, home, family and land and letting go of some of our social status in favor of this emphasis. Mars is on the Anaretic (critical or quintessential) degree of Aquarius which wants freedom of action. No doubt family will require some adjustments to your sense of personal freedom and motivations to circulate. The North Node on the Anaretic degree of Cancer is a strong emphasis on family, especially mom.

On Thursday Mars will Ingress Pisces. But on Friday both Venus and Mercury will Station, moving in Opposite directions: Venus will Station Direct at 25:15 Libra and Mercury will Station Retrograde at 13:30 Sagittarius. Both Planets are slowing down at the moment in preparation for their Stations. Our 40 days/40 nights of tempting desires with old flames from the past has served to show us what we really want in regards to relationships and intimacy. But Mercury will Rx back into Scorpio and highlight some further ideas around our intimate situations. We haven’t heard the last word yet;)


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