Weekend Forecast – Nov 9-11

With so many energy shifts over the last few days, the weekend will be a reprieve allowing us to slow down and absorb the changed energies.

At 10:12am (EST) on Friday Venus Rx at 26:11 Libra Trines Mars at 26:11 Aquarius.

This is a very nice aspect for men and women relating or for our own internal balance of our male/female energies (we each have a Venus and Mars). We are motivated to socialize and meet in groups and we have the ability to be very refined and diplomatic. All ideas will be fair and balanced. We will be able to reciprocate any gracious feelings and actions.

At 12:26pm on Saturday Mercury at 10:55 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Venus Rx at 25:55 Libra.

A senior, mentor, college student or foreigner may say something rubs us the wrong way. Though Venus in Libra may cause us to keep a smile on our face and not give away how we really feel. This is likely not the last of any such irritation as these 2 Planets will meet again in a Semi-Square on Nov 22 just 3 minutes from this aspect. Mercury, however, will be Retrograde and Venus Direct. It will be your chance to return any irritating words at that time. Or someone else may do so towards you. Mercury is in Sagittarius so the words could also have a legal bent to them or some philosophical perspective may not sit too well with a friend or partner.

At 10:22am on Sunday the Sun at 19:11 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 19:11 Capricorn.

Some productive clarity on your own use of power or someone else’s and how it is impacting our intimacy goals and purpose. It is a chance to see a bit more of how the Jul 12 Eclipse with Pluto Opposite the Sun and Moon has been bringing us our shadow energies that we tend to repress. Many key relationships have been through quite a bit of challenge from that Eclipse, but this Sextile will shed some light on ways to move through things with less friction.


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