Jupiter, North Node & Uranus – Nov 7/8

On Wednesday we have Part 2 of the 3-way aspect between Uranus Rx newly returning to Aries, the North Node newly Ingressing Cancer and Jupiter on the Anaretic (29) degree of Scorpio.

At 10:47am Jupiter at 29:49 Scorpio Trines the North Node at 29:49 Cancer.

Wrapping up our new intimacy philosophy before he heads out of Scorpio, Jupiter is especially potent on the Anaretic degree. His Trine to the North Node just into Cancer since 1:09pm on Tuesday will usher in the first energies of the North and South Node across the axis of Cancer and Capricorn. The North Node in Cancer will have us Soulfully reviewing all Cancer areas of life: mom, home, family, land, nurturing, initiating emotion as the glue that holds a family together. With Jupiter’s standard for honesty and transparency in all shared financial and intimate dealings, the North Node is nodding approvingly as this best supports all family-type connections.

Look to the Houses where you have these degrees to see the other half of the story for you. The House will show WHO you are enjoying nurturing and/or intimacy with.

At 11:02am the Moon at 15:11 Scorpio Conjuncts the Sun at 15:11 Scorpio creating the Full Moon in Scorpio.

The Moon Ingressed Scorpio at 8:04am on Tuesday and since then we have been aligning our intuition and emotions with our goals and reality around Scorpio areas of life: loans, debt, taxes, child support, alimony, investment and sex. Now we will begin to implement our new goals for applying Jupiter’s new intimacy philosophy. The next 30 days will bring a ‘Fresh Start’ to this area of life for each of us. Though most strongly for those with Planets or Points near 15+ Scorpio.

At 1:20am on Thursday Jupiter at 29:57 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 29:57 Aries.

Our intimacy philosophy has one final test to pass before we sign off on it for the next 11 years. There is an adjustment that needs to be made, or a clause added, that allows for each of us to maintain our personal freedom even while we are using your money or enjoying physical intimacy with someone. Uranus in Aries will be re-inspiring each of us to seek our own personal path to freedom and so any entanglements will need to be hammered out accordingly. But this aspect is expansive awareness around how our philosophy needs to be changed a bit before its all finalized.

At 7:38am Jupiter Ingresses Sagittarius.

He is coming home for the first time in 12 years as Jupiter rules Sagittarius. He will remain in Sagittarius for the next year. In his own Sign Jupiter will be refining our spiritual philosophy to include each of the other Signs into a global philosophy that extends to all. He will be working on our legal systems, our higher learning institutions, the needs of seniors and relations with foreigners and foreign entities. He will spike our optimism with his hallmark touch of taking the higher ground and abundant living. It will be a good year for speculation, for the most part, except for his Squares to Neptune. At those times, there could be some confusion around where things stand.



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