3-Way Expressing Changed Desires – Oct 31 & Nov 1

At 12:38am (EDST) on Wednesday Mercury Ingresses Sagittarius.

Now our words will be philosophical as they have been the last few days with Mercury Conjunct Jupiter. But this time there will be less intimacy involved and more focus on just our spiritual philosophy. We may talk more than we have for the last several months and we are likely to travel further distances. Mercury will Station Retrograde at 13:30 Sagittarius on Nov 16. The same day that Venus will Station Direct at 25:15 Libra.

At 4:45am Venus Rx at 0:15 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 0:15 Taurus.

This aspect is Part 1 of a 3-way aspect of Mercury, Venus and Uranus.

With both Planets Retrograde and Uranus in the Sign that Venus rules, we are reviewing not only our Scorpio desires but all of our new desires since Uranus Ingressed Taurus on May 15. Did you have a strong attraction to someone that seemed like a bolt out of the blue, but it has already fizzled out? That is Uranus in Taurus. But Venus in Scorpio brings in intensity and intimacy at the deepest level. Our desires are changing with this aspect and our new desires are likely to shake us out of our rut, again, and to surprise us as well. Though we are likely to see clearly what was really going on with our change in desires in May.

At 5:21am Mercury at 0:15 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Venus Rx at 0:15 Scorpio.

Part 2 – We are able to express some philosophical point around our changed desires, though we will be revising our words and thoughts once Mercury Stations Rx. We may find ourselves seeking the counsel of a senior, mentor or someone of a foreign background. Or looking at other spiritual ideas to explain our unexpected desires.

At 5:35am Mercury at 0:15 Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus Rx at 0:15 Taurus.

Part 3 – What new philosophical idea will help us adjust to our changed desires and our surprising new ideas in ways to use our own money or to acquire resources. There is some adjustment to be made here. We are happy to use our resources to benefit a group and this revelation will adjust our philosophy of things. Mercury in Sagittarius is very optimistic around his plans and ideas. Uranus will be helping him to adjust to being more giving as a philosophy of abundance, perhaps.

At 12:51pm Mercury at 0:38 Sagittarius Trines the North Node at 0:38 Leo.

With our optimism (Mercury in Sagittarius) getting adjusted (Quincunx) to our awareness of our values (Uranus in Taurus) we now feel a Soulful ease around our fun, romance, creativity and children. Our sense of adventure is heightened with Mercury in Sagittarius and that suits the Nodes of Fate as they wrap up our Soulful Leo lessons.

At 3:42pm Venus Retrograde Ingresses Libra.

Our intense desires will lift and we will feel more balanced and diplomatic in our relating. It is about getting along and not just ‘getting laid’ or ‘using someone for their money’. Venus rules Libra and enjoys reciprocity in all ways of relating. She will be reviewing our desires for a relating-ship now and put things in place before she returns again to consider her intimate values.

In the background of Wednesday, the only aspect of Thursday is applying and bringing some great healing to our intimate situations.

At 1:36pm on Thursday Jupiter at 28:31 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 28:31 Pisces.

Our new intimacy philosophy that Jupiter is culminating for us at the last 2 degrees of Scorpio is bringing a great ease to any ‘lack of faith’ Chiron in Pisces is revisiting. Jupiter offers healing and Chiron offers a Soulful look at the ways we are all connected and would have agreed to experience all of the Scorpio angst around sexual issues… even harassment. For a moment, our human 3D and 4D anxieties are suspended as we take in the big cosmological picture.

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