Sun Conjunct Venus Rx, Clarified Desires – Oct 26/27

At 10:16am (EDST) on Friday the Sun at 3:07 Scorpio Conjuncts Venus Rx at 3:07 Scorpio.

Venus is roughly halfway through her Retrograde Phase as she Conjuncts the Sun. Her first pass to 3+ Scorpio occurred between Sep 14-15. As she Conjuncts the Sun while revising our desires, we can get a clear look at WHAT our new desires ARE and how they have been revised lately. Our desires, as well as our values around intimacy and shared resources is what we are getting clear about. Venus will make one more pass to this degree on Dec 7. At that time whatever you SEE clearly today will be in its final phase for sometime to come. With relating-ship desires decided as Venus Stations Direct at 25:15 Libra, we will then we solidifying our financial and intimate values of our relating-ships.

At 10:14pm Mars at 18:26 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus Rx at 0:26 Taurus.

Effortless socializing or touch. We are motivated to get out and mingle and even share our own resources for the benefit of others. Taurus rules women and so we have both our male/female energies working magically together along with plenty of change, awareness, unexpected and surprising things. Its a great night to meet someone new (Aquarius rules acquaintances and Uranus in Taurus is unexpected desires) or to meet with someone familiar (Taurus likes familiarity). You may act in unexpected ways and be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Other aspects for the weekend all occur on Saturday night:

At 8:19pm Mars at 18:56 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 18:56 Capricorn.

Minor but helpful energy between our motivations to mingle and the way we come across in public. Or our actions within a group are viewed favorably by an authority type. Or men are willing to take chances that their ‘positions’ will help them to impress someone.

At 10:52pm the Sun at 4:38 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 4:38 Capricorn.

Helpful energy between our shared resources and our new career goals. We know which way we are going and the Sun is getting us clear about the finances we need to get there.

At 11:52pm the Sun at 4:40 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 28:40 Pisces.

Though this is likely personal clarity it will be magical as it allows us to see HOW our current lack of faith is just a part of the human condition. We can find gratitude for the ways this lack allows us to experiences humaness. Intimate partners are very Karmic players and if you are with one tonight, you will know the joy of the 5D space to allow Soulful encounters to occur.

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