Unexpectedly Soulful Full Moon in Taurus – Oct 23/24

If you have been wondering why the last few days seem to be bringing on a stronger emotional pull than the average Full Moon, then these aspects should be helpful in explaining it. The Sun and Moon, Uranus and the Nodes of Fate are all aspecting each other right now.

At 8:47pm (EDST) on Tuesday night the Sun at 0:34 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 0:34 Taurus.

This is clarity around changes we have been making to the ways we earn our income, acquire resources, beauty treatments and our values. Across the 2 Money Signs (Taurus/Scorpio) we will see how our own resources is impacting our shared resources. Have you found that you have been more giving of your resources since Uranus Ingressed Taurus on May 15? How has what you ‘own’ or possess changed since then? Have you found surprising new ways to earn income? Have you followed your dreams more? The Sun will show you something about what you changed and maybe why.

At 8:52am on Wednesday Venus Rx at 4:22 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 4;22 Capricorn.

Venus is making her 2nd Sextile to Saturn as she is reviewing our intimate desires and checking in to see how this is impacting our new career goals. Saturn is holding us accountable to follow our new path while Venus is reviewing how we are sharing ourselves and our resources. Has you desires changed since their 1st Sextile on Sep 12?

At 12:45pm the Moon at 1:13 Taurus Opposes the Sun at 1:13 Scorpio.

With the Sun still in orb of the Opposition to Uranus and the Moon Conjuncting Uranus just prior, we can expect this Full Moon to be very powerful and surprising. But is also very Soulful as well. Across the axis of touch/intimacy, my money/your money, values/integrity, we can have a strong reaction to the Moon Opposing the Sun here. Uranus can be a wild card around what the next few weeks will bring. But the Nodes of Fate are emphasizing our Soul-Level Lessons in Leo as they Square the Sun and Moon at the Full Moon.

How do you feel about the ways you are merging your stuff with others’ stuff? How do you feel about the intimacy you have been sharing with someone? What level of integrity are you applying to your situation and are Soulfully considering your children and romantic partners in this mix? That is the stuff of this Full Moon.

At 3:27pm the Sun at 1:20 Scorpio Squares the North Node at 1:20 Leo.

This is a clarifying aspect to show us how the Nodes of Fate have been emphasizing the Karmic connection between our desires and intimacy and our children and our sense of fun. The Nodes of Fate in Leo Square to Jupiter and Psyche over this last year have been bringing out the ‘sexual harassment’ legal cases. Where do we stand in how much sexual entertainment we can have at the expense of others? Or our own integrity? The Sun will show us some of how these Soulful Leo lessons will now be affecting our Scorpio/intimacy goals over the next month. But this aspect is making it especially strong at the moment.

Uranus Rx will exact a Square to the Nodes of Fate at 0:00 Taurus and Leo on Nov 6 as Uranus Rx will Ingress Aries again and the Nodes of Fate will Ingress Cancer/Capricorn for the next 18 months.

Between now and then, we can expect to have some Soulful (Nodes of Fate) revelations (Uranus) around our casual sex (Leo) and our desires (Taurus).


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