Mars’ Subconscious Reckoning – Oct 18

Thursday we have the first phase of a 4-way aspect between Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron. Mars in Aquarius meets the 2 Planets in Pisces (Neptune and Chiron) on Thursday and on Friday Mercury meets them both from Scorpio and wraps up the 4-way with a Square to Mars. See if you can feel the overall effect of these 5 aspects.

At 2:15pm Mars at 14:01 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron Rx at 29:01 Pisces.

Mars is out of his Retrograde Shadow and into new territory in Aquarius. He has cleared his Conjunction to the South Node and BML as well. So these aspects are the first since he Opposed the North Node in Leo (Conjunct South Node) on Sep 26 and Trined the Sun at 4:48 Aquarius/Libra respectively on Sep 27.

A Semi-Square to Chiron could be kind of harsh and irritating. Men could irritate. Someone in your social network or a new acquaintance could irritate. Or your new hairstyle or look could irritate you subconsciously. Or it could emphasize of wounding you were feeling back last Spring.

At 4:30pm Mars at 14:04 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune Rx at 14:04 Pisces.

Here we have a bit more help from Neptune as we can more easily act in ways that don’t raise up any fears or wounding. If you felt irritated earlier, you may find that you are now okay with that hairstyle or if it shocked someone else, you don’t really care so much right now.

At 10:01pm the Sun at 25:38 Libra Semi-Sextile Jupiter at 25:38 Scorpio.

A minor aspect of some good vibes between your goals and an intimate partner’s goals. You may see how fortunate you are to have them in your life and vice versa. Or you could simply see how your new intimacy philosophy of honesty and transparency really does enhance your relating-ships.

Mercury owns Friday as he Ses-Squares Chiron and Trines Neptune before he Squares Mars. Thursday is about your actions and the way you assert yourself but Friday brings the thoughts and words around these things in an easier fashion until Mercury and Mars meet in a Square.


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