Mercury Conjunct Venus Rx – Oct 15

At 4:20pm (EDST) on Monday Mercury at 8:51 Scorpio Conjuncts Venus Rx at 8:51 Scorpio.

Beautiful words. Financial contracts. Sexual rendezvous. Asking for money. Asking for sex. Messages of love. Sexting. Speaking our desires.

Over the last few weeks Mercury has been Transiting over the degrees of Venus’ Retrograde cycle and he will continue to do so until he clears 10:50 Scorpio at 12:30am on Wednesday. What you say, write or hear today could really show you some of how your desires for intimacy are changing. But Venus will Rx into Libra as well and Mercury covered that ground from 25:15 to 29:59 Libra from Oct 7-9.

This Conjunction of Mercury to Venus will also show us ways to acquire resources through intimate dealings and use of other peoples’ money. Our expressions for intimacy will be refined and gracious. Our desires will be easily expressed even though they may yet be revised in some way as Venus returns to this degree.

Both Mercury and Venus are on a degree where Jupiter Transited last year on Nov 20, 2017, plus a few days either side of this date. We could be revisiting something that occurred at that time or at least we may see how we are applying a new philosophy of intimacy and shared resources.

As Venus continues her Rx cycle, she will cross over the degrees that Mercury has recently been Transiting and she will offer us a look at what was said through her lens of love, beauty, resources and values.

Oct 31 is a pivotal day for both of these Personal Planets as Mercury will Ingress Sagittarius and Venus Rx will Ingress Libra again. On Nov 8 Jupiter will follow Mercury into Sagittarius. But on Nov 16, Venus will Station Direct at 25:15 Libra and Mercury will Station Retrograde at 13:30 Sagittarius.

Both of their Retrograde cycles are involving the energy of 2 Signs: Venus is Rx in both Libra and Scorpio and Mercury is Rx in both Sagittarius and Scorpio. Venus Opposes Uranus 3 times and Mercury will Conjunct Jupiter 3 times. So they will both be getting some Higher Mind assistance to revise our desires and ideas around intimacy.

Also of note, Psyche Ingressed Sagittarius on Oct 4 and has been separating from Jupiter and lightening on up their very powerful ‘sexual harassment’ lessons. Though once Jupiter and Psyche and Mercury are all at the early degrees of Sagittarius, its going to become quite interesting. Psyche will also Oppose Eros in Gemini and the physical attraction will be amped up creating even more possible ‘long distance’ love affairs. It might be a good thing that most of this activity will not take place physically after all that lessons of Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio!

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