Sun Square Pluto – Oct 12

At 12:11am on Friday the Sun at 18:47 Libra Squares Pluto at 18:47 Capricorn.

This energy was building all day on Thursday and it is bringing clarity to words spoken when Mercury sat in this Square on Oct 2. Mercury’s Square to Pluto occurred just 2 days after Pluto’s Direct Station. It was very powerful energy of aggression within relationships. Pluto is sitting Square to both Signs of Aries and Libra and creating friction between ourselves and close friends, partners and open enemies. Pluto has been misusing his authority and showing us the shadow-side of the current authority structures. As Pluto was Opposite the Sun and Moon at the Solar Eclipse of Jul 12, the Sun will be illuminating that Eclipse energy over the next few days as the Sun moves towards 20:44 Libra.

At 4:20am Mercury at 3:34 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 3:34 Capricorn.

Here our intimate expressions will work productively with our new career goals and structures. If you are in the middle of a new contract for a position that better suits your new career directions, this aspect will help. If you require some money to get your new career goals in place, it is a great time to discuss your needs with any benefactors. Mercury is not going to Retrograde over this degree and Saturn is now Direct and all systems will be a ‘go.’ Mercury and Saturn are nearing the end of their current cycle. You should be able to see what they have been discussing and initiating structures for in your life moving forward. With only Uranus, Neptune and Chiron Retrograde right now, we are far more certain about many areas of life than we might have been this summer with 7 Planets Retrograde.

Mercury and the Sun each make 2 magical aspects over the weekend, but the Sun will exact a Square to the Jul 12 Eclipse degree just after midnight on Sunday. The other magical aspects may obscure any angst that might arise.

On Monday afternoon Mercury Conjuncts Venus Retrograde at 8:51 Scorpio. This will be quite revealing words around how our desires are being revised in Scorpio’s intense energy.


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