Venus Retrograde Part 2 – Oct 4

During her Retrograde cycle Venus will Square Mars in Aquarius, Oppose Uranus in Taurus and then Aries, Square the North Node in Leo and then 28:03 Cancer, Biquintile and Quincunx Chiron Rx in Pisces, Ses-Square Neptune Rx in Pisces, Sextile and then Quintile Saturn, Semi-Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio and Quintile Pluto.

In other words, her Retrograde cycle will touch and affect many areas of our lives.

You may want to restrain any overindulgent spending or desires as you watch more closely what is going on rather than reacting to the strong energy mindlessly.

If you were born in a Venus Retrograde, this may feel more comfortable to you. But most of us are less accustomed to Venus Rx as she does so far less often than Mercury. Mercury Retrogrades roughly 3 times each year and Venus only does so about every 22 months or so.

You may see some shifts in the way you earn money or in the amount of money available to you. You may find that your tastes for certain things changes as you review your values as well as your tastes.

With Venus in a T-Square energy right now with Mars and Uranus we are having quite a few changes to our desires anyway. Now as she Retrogrades, she will upset some new situations as she approaches both Mars and Uranus for the 2nd time.

Watch right around the time of her Station to see exactly WHAT you FEEL most strongly as she flips. That will give you some indication of what is in store over the next 40 days and 40 nights.

And when you find yourself thinking that you REALLY OWN your own values, you may just find that all you hold dear is merely a holographic expression of Planetary energies that can change with the flip of a switch;)

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