Clarity, Expression & Pluto Direct – Sep 29/30

At 11:10pm (EDST) on Saturday night the Sun at 6:55 Libra Semi-Squares Jupiter at 21:55 Scorpio.

Some clarity around how our new intimate philosophy (as Jupiter has been bringing us over the last year) jives with relating-ship goals. There could be some irritation that will lead us to a resolution of what are philosophy SHOULD BE. The highest form of intimacy is honesty and intimacy involves both use of other people’s money and physical and sexual merging. Scorpio deals with the deep things that most Librans don’t dare to tread so there is certain to be some irritation if you need to go deeply into your own sense of integrity. Jupiter will Ingress Sagittarius on Nov 8 so he is wrapping up his perspective of Scorpio for the next 12 year cycle. Get clear today on your intimate philosophy.

At 6:22am on Sunday Mercury at 14:28 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 14:28 Pisces.

This is some adjusted expression that goes deep into our subconscious where we are all connected anyway. Mercury in Libra would like us all to just get along but Mercury in touch with Neptune energy is okay with that provided the Karmic channel is clear. If there is some hidden fear, it will get expressed necessitating the adjustment in the way we are relating.

At 9:48pm Mercury at 15:33 Libra Quintiles the North Node at 3:33 Leo.

Just 15 hours later we will magically know what to say to anyone who is both a close friend and romantic partner or to our children. The subconscious fear of earlier is gone and is now replaced with the effortlessness that comes from 5D energy. The Nodes of Fate are nearing the end of their Transit through Leo/Aquarius respectively. They will Ingress the Cancer/Capricorn axis on Nov 7. So Mercury is offering a Soulful expression of the Nodes’ Transit through Leo and the lessons they have been bringing for the last almost 18 months.

At 10:03pm Pluto at 18:45 Capricorn Stations Direct.

While Retrograde since Apr 22 our Pluto entities have been in a slightly weaker state, but they will resume their full power to misuse authority once he is Direct. However, this is the perfect time for you to assert your personal sovereignty and strength in order to end any tyranny he may have been bringing over the last 15 months specifically.

There are no aspect between the Transiting Planets on Monday.

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