Sun Meets the NN & Mars – Sep 27

At 12:00am (EDST) on Thursday the Sun at 4:00 Libra Sextiles the North Node at 4:00 Leo.

Some clarity around relating and romancing in a Soulful, balanced way. Or you may see how you can express your creative ideas to others. Or your children solidify your relating-ships.

At 9:48am Mercury at 9:36 Libra Semi-Sextiles Venus at 9:36 Scorpio.

Here we have some communication with friends or significant others that productively merges intimacy and relating. Or our desires to use our resources and to share them with a significant other brings up some new levels of communicating and deepens intimacy. Venus is slowing down for her impending Retrograde cycle. She will Station Retrograde on Oct 5 at 10:50 Scorpio. She will be retracing any desires expressed today around Oct 12-13.

At 7:34pm the Sun at 4:48 Libra Trines Mars at 4:48 Aquarius.

Mars is separating from his Opposition to the North Node which exacted on Wednesday. You may begin to start to get some of your energy back. It can be quite draining to have Mars Conjunct the South Node. The Sun just Sextiled the North Node and Trined the South Node earlier this morning. Now we have clarity around how we may begin to activate our drive to socialize again and to relate more to our personal friends and partners.

There are no aspects on Friday and it is a fairly calm weekend though Pluto will be Stationing Direct at 10:03pm on Sunday evening at 18:45 Capricorn. He has made 5 passes to this degree over the last 15 months. I will be glad to see him move on as he is Opposing my Mars as he Stations;) A motivation killer!!

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