Sun Square Saturn & Mars on the South Node – Sep 25/26

At 10:52pm (EDST) on Monday the Moon at 2:00 Aries Opposes the Sun at 2:00 Libra creating the Full Moon.

This Full Moon is Conjunct Uranus Rx and will show us something about how we feel regarding our CHANGED DESIRES (since May 15 when Uranus Ingressed Taurus). Will your feelings change? For many, Uranus Rx has already broken up the sudden attraction he brought out on his first pass through early Taurus.

At 9:19am (EDST) on Tuesday Mercury at 6:05 Libra Semi-Squares Jupiter at 21:05 Scorpio.

On the heels of the Full Moon we will have some thoughts, ideas or communication about our relating-ships that may run a bit counter to our new intimacy philosophy. It is one thing to relate, it is another to merge intimately and financially. These 2 energies are different Houses in the Zodiac Wheel for a very good reason!

At 7:50pm the Sun at 2:51 Libra Squares Saturn at 2:51 Capricorn.

Mercury made this aspect on Sunday and now the Sun provides clarity around what was expressed at that time. This is the Closing Square of the Sun/Saturn cycle. Why has Saturn restricted us to focus on just ONE THING for months now? That is some of what we might see. Saturn wants you to focus your efforts in one direction and to build a solid base for a new career over the next 28+ years. But your efforts may make you less appealing within a relating-ship because a partner may feel ignored. Now is the time to see what has been going on as a result.


At 8:12pm Chiron Rx Ingresses Pisces again.

Now the energy shifts from insecurity around initiating ourselves and a fear of escapism and dissolving structures. Chiron will Station Direct on Dec 9 at 27:54 Pisces. And he will remain in Pisces until February 2019. You KNOW this energy as Chiron Transited through Pisces since 2010. Now we will be wrapping up that Transit and a silver lining just may be in order.

At 1:17am on Wednesday Mars at 4:11 Aquarius Opposes the North Node at 4:11 Leo.

We have been feeling this drain for at least a week now as headcolds began with Mars Square Uranus and now they are ‘draining’ but we feel tired and unenergetic. Sleep is in order here so don’t sweat it if you require more than usual. All that socializing is robbing you of the chance to be the center of attention somewhere in your life.

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