Magical Motivation & Awareness – Sep 18/19

As of Tuesday we are 2 days from the 2nd Saturn Quintile to Neptune. You should already be feeling the pull towards some magical meeting with someone or something as shown by the Houses where you have these 2 Planets Transiting. If they are making aspects to your Natal Saturn or Neptune it is especially BIG as you will be time-traveling to a Karmic partner via a magic carpet.

We are also nearing the Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun which exacts on Thursday at 28:03 Virgo. What we are saying and hearing over the next few days is grounded in reality and things will not be undone by a Mercury Rx phase at this degree.

At 4:33pm (EDST) on Tuesday the Sun at 25:52 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 1:52 Taurus.

This is an effortless integration of clarifying awareness around our service, duty, work and health to our ways to acquire and our sense of beauty. Its not really about any sort of manifestation of something, but rather a deep ability to see things clearly but in a changed and surprising way. As it is a Biquintile, you CAN change the way you SEE things and actually manifest a new reality around it.

At 7:01pm Mars at 1:52 Aquarius Squares Uranus Rx at 1:52 Taurus.

With Uranus still on the exact same degree and minute as he met this Sun, the clarity received at that time should prevent the otherwise ‘accident-prone’ nature of a Square between these 2 Planets. Another possibility is a bolt of insight into the crown chakra that has us acting in unexpected ways and from a new sense of things. This is 3D energy so it isn’t the easiest. But the awareness here is still helpful. Men are likely to be a part of the equation. Shocking actions. Surprising motivations. Awkward initiatives. Illuminating passion. Uranus rules Mars in Aquarius so the revelation available is substantial even if a bit harsh in the receiving of it.

At 7:22am on Wednesday Mars at 2:01 Aquarius Quintiles Jupiter at 20:01 Scorpio.

This magical aspect is applying as Mars meets Uranus which should also soften the blow of any 3D energy at that time. Jupiter is also applying to Quadranovile Uranus creating a unexpected option between our 2 Money Signs (Taurus, Scorpio). Here our motivation to circulate and socialize effortlessly supports our new intimacy philosophy. Online dating and hook-ups will bring you near to some magical connections. You may meet a foreigner or someone from a long-distance away that seems just the right fit for the moment.

At 8:05am Venus at 6:18 Scorpio Quintiles Chiron Rx at 0:18 Aries.

Some healing energy around our intimacy and the way we initiate it. Insecurity is not an issue. All discomfort is evaporated as we see some new desires to merge with someone or to use our resources to initiate some action or project.

At 5:07pm Mercury at 25:51 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 25:51 Taurus.

Just one minute from the Sun’s Biquintile to Uranus on Tuesday we now have the words to express the revelations we received at that time. We can make plans to change our work, service, health, fitness routines in a effortless way. We can speak about new ways to work to acquire resources or they can magically appear so we can use them.


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