Mercury in Finger of God and Grand Earth Trine – Sep 6/7

At 7:09am (EDST) Mercury at 0:52 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 0:52 Aries.

This is Part 2 of a Finger of God between Mercury, Mars and Chiron. Mercury, still in Leo, made a Quincunx to Mars at 29+ Capricorn on Wednesday. Now he Quincunx Chiron just following his Ingression into Virgo. And on Sep 13 Mars will Sextile Chiron, but Mars will Ingress Aquarius, again, before exacting the Sextile to Chiron. This out-of-sign Finger of God offers quite an interesting mix of energies. As Mercury forms the nozzle in which the energy flows, this rolling Finger of God will be highlighting the transitional nature of Leo to Virgo energy. Such as ‘Back to School’ after a Summer of fun. But Mars moves from career-minded goals into pursuing equality and social actions. Watch what you say and what you hear over the next week to see how this energy plays out for you.

At 7:09am Saturn at 2:33 Capricorn Stations Direct.

Saturn first crossed 2:33 Capricorn on Jan 11 this year Transiting to 9:09 Capricorn on Apr 17. Now he moves Direct again to Transit these degrees for the 3rd time. Saturn will clear his Shadow at 9:10 Capricorn on Dec 13. We will now be in the final phase of initiating new structures for our authority, our career and our social status. Saturn is in a 3-degree orb of a Trine to Uranus Rx (never exacted), Square to Chiron Rx (never exact, but within a 2-degree orb) and Quintile to Neptune Rx (exacts again on Sep 20). Its a powerful Station and one that can only be quantified by YOU!

At 8:07pm the Sun at 14:20 Virgo Ses-Squares Mars at 29:20 Capricorn.

Here we can get some clarity of Mar’s motivations at the final degree of Capricorn as Mercury is still rolling through is adjustment around work/health/service/fitness ideas and Mar’s motivation. The Sun is in the same energy as Mercury so this clarity can help us make the adjustment STICK.

At 3:41am on Friday Mercury at 2:11 Virgo Trines Uranus Rx at 2:11 Taurus.

Just over a degree from his aspect to Chiron, Mercury is moving through another major configuration as he Trines BOTH Uranus and then Saturn! this is Part 1. We will be hearing lots of shocking, surprising things revolving around career goals and work plans and how to acquire resources. You may not get a LOT of sleep as lightning flashes of insight and inspiration from Uranus keep you on your toes.

At 8:20am Mercury at 2:32 Virgo Trines Saturn at 2:32 Capricorn.

This is Part 2. Now we are ready to put some plans in place to further the foundations of our lives that will support our work/health/service/fitness AND our overall career and social status. You can expect to hear about new job opportunities, medical results and new attractions or available resources to assist you in building these foundations.

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