Pluto Rx Quintile Chiron Rx – Sep 5

At 8:58am (EDST) on Wednesday Pluto Rx at 18:55 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron Rx at 0:55 Aries.

This the final part of the Finger of Merlin that involved Mercury on Sunday night and Monday morning and the Sun on Aug 18. Here we have an effortless meeting of our insecurities and our misuse of power. Or relating to those who are playing our Pluto. Rather than antagonizing our Pluto entities, we can easily see how they are helping us to have this very human experience and be grateful for them.

Both Planetary bodies are Retrograde so there is some looking at what has been occurring since Pluto Stationed Retrograde on Apr 22 at 21:17 Capricorn. Pluto is back again to 18+ degrees of Capricorn for his 4th and 5th pass as he Stations Direct on Sep 20 at 18:45 Capricorn. The storyline involved here may go back to Pluto’s 1st pass to 18+ degrees around mid Feb to mid March 2017.

Chiron first Ingressed Aries on Apr 14 and Stationed Retrograde at 2:25 Aries on Jul 5. He is set to move back into Pisces on Sep 25. Chiron first Ingressed Aries on Apr 17.

So we are returning back to the time of Apr 2018 to put some magic into the situation that was occurring then.

At 11:18am Mercury at 29:10 Leo Quincunx Mars at 29:10 Capricorn.

Now our expressions of fun need to be adjusted to our career motivations. Or our plans around children needs to adjust to some career objectives we need to act on. Around 7:15am (earlier this morning) Mercury crossed over 28:52 Leo, the degree of the Aug 11, 2017 Solar Eclipse. You may have heard from someone about something that occurred near that time.

At 10:39pm Mercury Ingresses Virgo.

Now our thoughts and ideas will move from romance, children, fun and creativity to being of service, doing our duty, workplace stuff, health and fitness. It is a time of the year where we finally release Summer and move back into a full work mode.

With Saturn nearing his Direct Station which occurs at 7:09am on Thursday at 2:33 Capricorn, we are feeling quite serious and work and career focused. Though Mercury will soon Trine Saturn offering us some great news around work and career potentially.

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