Finger of Merlin – Sep 2/3

On Aug 18 the Sun moved through the same Finger of Merlin that Mercury will be moving through from Sunday night to Monday morning: Biquintile to both Pluto and Chiron. On Sep 5, Wednesday, Pluto Rx will exact his Quintile to Chiron Rx so the energy of these 2 Fingers of Merlin (Aug 18 and Sep 2/3) will climax on Wednesday. It never hurts to have some 5D/magical energy between the ‘A-Hole’ Pluto and the Wounding of Chiron;)

At 11:54pm (EDST) Mercury at 24:57 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 18:57 Capricorn.

Some magical, effortless communication around romance, fun, children or creativity with the one who has been dogging you out of late. Its a fast-moving aspect, but even your Pluto types could be enjoying the fun without the worry.

At 12:55am Mercury at 25:01 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 1:01 Aries.

Now we have some magical ability to assert ourselves romantically or creatively that really hits the mark! There is no angst with our actions and first impressions, but rather we will feel it is surreal how easily our words create the response we are hoping for.

At 8:58am Mercury at 25:34 Leo Sextiles Venus at 25:34 Libra.

The magic may spill over into some productive relating with someone new. Or our words will also assist us in any diplomatic efforts we should be working on.

Keep in mind that Venus is now in her Shadow Phase, Phase 1 of her impending Retrograde cycle so some of the relating-ships we start from here on through late November will likely be under review.

At 1:42pm Jupiter at 17:23 Scorpio Semi-Squares Saturn Rx at 2:33 Capricorn.

With Jupiter a Semi-Square shouldn’t be too irritating. But what we might find is that our career goals may not align so well with our new intimacy philosophy of transparency and honesty. Here we have our expansion/higher consciousness energy being held in check by our restrictive/response-able energy. It will help us to keep things grounded. We would do well to remember the seriousness of some of the intimacy issues we have been dealing with.

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