Sun Semi-Square Venus – Aug 31

There is only one aspect on Friday so its fairly quiet as we had no aspects made yesterday. The aspects I write about here are aspects made between the Transiting Planets and NOT aspects made to your Natal Planets. That requires a Personal Transit Report. But I’m not sure if My Store is working at the moment so please email me for payment instructions if you would like a Reading or Report (

With both Mars and Mercury Direct again, there may be some things coming to light that you didn’t know were goofed up on during Mercury’s Retrograde cycle.

At 4:09pm on Friday the Sun at 8:22 Virgo Semi-Squares Venus at 23:22 Libra.

A minor aspect that could show us something irritating between our goals to serve and our need to relate. This is some clarity around our desires so for most of us it is not about anything we have to share with someone else. It is just our own insight coming up. Something you thought was beautiful you may see a bit differently today.

In a few days time, about midnight on Monday, Venus will enter Phase 1/Shadow Phase of her Retrograde cycle. Venus Rxs cycles are less fun than Mercury’s, typically. Whatever values you hold, desires you have (or others’ have), whatever money you were banking on earning is up for review and revision. More to come on her Rx cycle! Get ready to ride a wave of change as she Opposes Uranus, which she rules as he is shaking up desires since he Ingressed Taurus on May 15! These 3 Oppositions will occur: Sep 12, Oct 31 and Nov 30. Whatever seemed firmly planted in the ground of Taurus is going to be shaken up a bit!


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