Wrapping Up the Eclipse Wormhole – Aug 22-24

It seems like so much is happening right now as we near the end of the Eclipse Wormhole which will be at the Full Moon at 3:12 Pisces/Virgo on Sun, Aug 26 at 7:56am (EDST).

With so many Planets aspecting the Eclipse degrees of last summer and this summer over just the last few days, we have been processing a lot of clarity and awareness while also managing Pluto’s negativity.

At 5:09pm on Wednesday Venus at 15:30 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 15:30 Pisces.

Was there some subconscious shift you made towards our resources and relating-ships?

At 12:08am on Thursday the Sun Ingressed Virgo.

Now we are more officially in the ‘Back to School’ energy with our minds on work and service, daily activities, fitness, health and all.

At 8:04am on Thursday Venus at 16:05 Libra Semi-Sextiled Jupiter at 16:05 Scorpio.

A nice energy of friendship with women and true intimacy.

At 10:50am on Friday the Sun at 1:24 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 1:24 Aries.

Some clarity around any insecurity and how it may be affecting our work and service. The Sun is showing you something that needs to be adjusted, but your fear of initiating or asserting yourself may be hampering it. Make the adjustment that you can see to do.

The weekend is busy with 7 aspects. But right now the aspect I am feeling the strongest is Mars Rx moving so slow into his Station and in a Quadranovile to the Aug 11 Eclipse. There has been many unexpected things popping up this morning (Thurs) and challenging my schedule to keep up. Just gotta roll with it!!



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