Full Moon Ends the Wormhole – Aug 25/26

At 6:43am (EDST) on Saturday Venus at 17:50 Libra Quintiles the North Node at 5:50 Leo.

The NN has been at 5+ Leo for a few months now so if you have a Planet at 5+ degrees of the Fixed Signs, you know the agony this can cause. You are STUCK looking at that Planet’s energies in a very significant way. This magical aspect from Venus may or may not alleviate it much, but it could. It is magical, romantic and playful relating. Who doesn’t need a bit of this in their lives. Or creativity in any diplomacy you might need right now.

At 12:38pm the Sun at 2:26 Virgo Trines Uranus Rx at 2:26 Taurus.

Some easy, revelatory clarity around work and your available resources. Or ways you could be of service that just come to you like bolts from the blue. We can clearly see the status of our work/health goals and how to use our resources to achieve them. This is very easy change as the Sun is completing a Grand Earth Trine with Uranus and Saturn.

At 1:54pm Jupiter at 16:21 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 1:21 Aries.

Nice healing energy that will allow us to assert our passions and reach a target provided we adjust our motivations to our new intimacy philosophy of honesty and transparency.

At 6:07pm the Sun at 2:39 Virgo Trines Saturn Rx at 2:39 Capricorn.

Now we have the responsibility side of this Grand Earth Trine. You will have clarity around ways your work/service/health is supporting your career or social/public status goals. Saturn is slowing down for his Direct Station on Sep 6. He is just 16 minutes from that Station so he is making a statement here and emphasizing this degree for you. If you have a Planet in aspect here, you have likely noticed the seriousness of this message. But the Trine to Uranus is helping you make any changes to your own resources that will support your work goals and allow you to achieve the career objectives you are looking for.

NOTE: On Monday and Tuesday next week Saturn and Uranus will be 13 minutes apart, their closest point, from exacting a Trine to Uranus which won’t occur. But this energy is a big help right now in changing some status quo, so be sure to USE IT! Saturn was last at 2+ degrees Capricorn on Jan 7-14. See what issue is front and center again now. Uranus has been at 2+ Taurus from Jul 2 for his Retrograde Station and will remain at this degree until Sep 14.

At 7:56am on Sunday the Moon at 3:12 Pisces Opposes the Sun at 3:12 Virgo creating the Full Moon.

We are seriously getting into a new ‘work schedule’ with the Sun in Virgo. The Moon in Pisces is showing us how we FEEL about this new routine around work, health, fitness or service. With the ability to SEE these FEELINGS, we can set new goals for the next month that will better align with our feelings.

This is the official end of the Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change! Now life should begin to slow down some as we dig in and get to work as the Sun in Virgo will hold our focus to. With Saturn emphasizing career right now, and Uranus inspiring us around our resources, we are in serious Earthy energy and building new ways and new structures to support ourselves and our loved ones.




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