Eros Opposes Psyche – Aug 21

Mercury is Direct again and things seem to be falling into place. Communications now will begin to put things into place.

At 12:01am (EDST) on Tuesday the Moon Ingresses Capricorn.

Over the next few days the Moon will begin to Conjunct the Planets in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto and Mars) as well as Opposing the Jul 12 Eclipse degree offering us some further insight into the super-charged ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse had Pluto Opposing it and this has been tripping up most of us as we deal with seeing our own shadow played out by the person or entity that Pluto is playing. A Reading should be considered before you pay for counseling;)

As of midnight on Tuesday Eros at 17+ Taurus is Opposing Psyche at 17+ Scorpio.

They will be exacting this Opposition on Tuesday and then both will eventually Square the 2nd Solar Eclipse degree of Aug 11. But their Opposition right now is bringing up some issues around touch and intimacy that is challenging our romantic sense of fun via the Eclipse. Psyche is Conjunct Jupiter and the 2 of them have played a major role in all of the sexual harassment legal cases brought over the last year or more. Eros is our erotic mind and where we have strong sexual drives. In Taurus we want to touch a lot. We may even touch without someone else’s permission which brings in Psyche to call us on it.

By noon on Tuesday Psyche will be at 18+ degrees and begin Squaring the Aug 11 Eclipse degree at 18:42 Leo.

At 6:52pm the Sun at 28:49 Leo Quincunx Mars Rx at 28:49 Capricorn.

There is some adjustment needed here between our goals for romance, fun or children and our pursuit of career and social status. The Sun offers the clarity to make the adjustment. Mars is slowing down considerably right now preparing for his Direct Station at 28:37 Capricorn on Monday, Aug 27. He is in review mode so the Sun’s clarity will be of great assistance here.

Over the next few hours the Sun will be exact to the Solar Eclipse degree of Aug 21, 2017 at 28:53 Leo. If there is any lingering issue with things started at that time, the Sun will offer clarity and insight into ways it will get wrapped-up.


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