Finger of Merlin – Aug 18/19

At 12:21am (EDST) on Saturday the Sun at 25:12 Leo Biquintiled Pluto Rx at 19:12 Capricorn.

Some magical clarity around your fun, romance and children and those in authority. You may have gotten a glimpse of how to deal with the Pluto entity who has been driving you a bit nuts lately as Pluto Opposed the first Solar Eclipse of Jul 12 at 20:44 Cancer. Now we have the chance to put a bit of magic into the mix and see ways to deal with the side of us we have been repressing (aka Pluto shows our shadow side).

At 10:41am the Sun at 25:37 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 1:37 Aries.

Now we can see some magical healing around any recent insecurities we have and the ways we initiate ourselves. The Sun allows us to see ways to make fun of ourselves if we can. Or to overcome the insecurities for a few moment and create some magical response in the areas of romance, fun, creativity and children.

At 11:36am Mercury Rx at 11:33 Leo Sextiles Venus at 11:33 Libra.

Mercury is one minute from his Direct Station which occurs just after midnight on Sunday. This productive aspect to Venus will help us express any revised desires that Mercury has been working on. Or we can express our revised ideas of romance to a partner now.

At 12:15am on Sunday Mercury Stations Direct at 11:32 Leo.

At last we are moving forward in the idea areas of our lives while so many Planets are still in Retrograde motion: Mars until Mon, Aug 27; Saturn until Sep 6; Uranus until Jan 3; Neptune until Nov 24; Pluto until Sep 30 and Chiron until Dec 9.

But now we can begin to put in place ideas, plans and goals that were seeded at Mercury’s Inferior Conjunction to the Sun that occurred on Aug 8 at 16:28 Leo. Mercury will cross over this degree again on Aug 27 allowing us to express what ideas we seeded at that time.

At 3:44am Jupiter at 15:36 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 15:36 Pisces.

These 2 Planets have been within a 3 degree orb as Jupiter Stationed Direct and will be so for another few weeks. Enjoy the ease around your new intimacy philosophy and your subconscious minus the fears. Its pretty wonderful to have these 2 Higher Mind Planets in an easy aspect. So easy you may not have realized it. With the Eclipse that Pluto Opposed taking up most of our energies and thought processes, it is at least nice to have these 2 Planets operating harmoniously. Because Neptune has been in a Semi-Square, or irritation aspect, to Uranus for quite some time, too. So take the ease where you can get it!


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