Moon Square Pluto – Aug 15

While I don’t usually get to cover Moon aspects, as there are so many of them, today is a great day to do so.

At 9:52am (EDST) the Moon at 19:15 Libra Squares Pluto Rx at 19:15 Capricorn.

Some intuition and feelings around how your Pluto-entity is misusing their power over you. You may be able to feel what they are feeling or you may feel repulsed by their manipulation of things.

At 12:25pm the Moon at 20:44 Libra Squares the Solar Eclipse degree of 20:44 Cancer.

Here you might have some feelings about the way things are progressing since the 1st Eclipse of Jul 12 at 20:44 Cancer. This is NOT the Moon’s 1st Opening Square to that degree, but with Pluto Opposite that Eclipse, the entire morning on Wednesday is going to be about some of the relationship issues that Eclipse highlighted.

Use this intuition to see how you feel about things and watch as the Moon continues around over the next 10 days.


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